Evie Hudak Resigns BEFORE Recall Certification

Yesterday, it was rumor that only if recall organizers in Colorado managed to force a recall that Sen. Evie Hudak would resign in exchange for special perks in choosing her replacement in the Senate and on her committee in order to keep the Democratic Party in charge in the Senate. That kind of naked power grab doesn’t sit well with many people, as evidenced by even the comments here on our report from yesterday’s rumor.

This morning, the local media picked up on the rumors, and suddenly Hudak announced that she is instead going to resign before the recall petition signatures are even due.

According to the early report, part of Hudak’s initial deal with Democratic Party leaders was that they would go all out for her to keep a recall from even happening. They certainly tried that by getting quite nasty with phone calls and lit drops that implied anyone signing the recall petitions was giving their personal information to sex offenders and criminals.

While Colorado’s Senate remains in the hands of Democrats for now, this is a prime opportunity to start focusing on 2014’s political punishment for backing gun control.

12 thoughts on “Evie Hudak Resigns BEFORE Recall Certification”

  1. I care less about a Republican versus Democrat contest than I do about my rights. It will be a while before anyone in Colorado talks about gun bans again.
    I know there are some who will claim that putting Republicans in power will ensure that the ban is repealed. To those people, I ask: How many gun bans have been repealed by Republicans in recent times?
    The majority of gains in the past few years have been made at the ballot box or in the courts.

    1. The GOP controlled house, in 1996, did vote to repeal the AWB. It got held up in the Senate because Dole, the Majority Leader, was soft on guns, and supported a lot of control. Republicans that are soft on guns are becoming a lot more rare.

      1. That vote was nearly 20 years ago. The Republicans and the Democrats are now gleefully holding hands and dancing joyfully because of the power they now wield.

      2. That sounds like mostly a feel-good measure that was more about political posturing than actually getting anything accomplished. It’s kind of like how the current HOR has voted to repeal the ACA in excess of 37 times.

    2. You have a point. However, with a court case against the litigation in the courts as well, if we can get a GOP Governor strong on the issue elected in 2014, there is a possibility of using the Democrats’ tactic against them by having the state abandon defense of the litigation.

      We will have to work hard in 2014.

    1. Umm… Evie, if “most coloradians” support what you did, why do you need to resign?

  2. Does the recall go against the person or the seat? If the latter, could whomever is appointed still be subject to a recall?

    1. The recall is only against the person in the seat. That’s why there was so much discussion over whether John Morse would resign to avoid the recall during the last fight.

  3. Good bye evie ! Now concentrate on the 2014 elections and show hick and other gun bashers what you really think of their anti american agenda

  4. One line of attack on this move is to say that the Democrats took away the right of the people to choose their own representative. The people wanted a recall, and the Democrats denied them their choice, instead deciding (again) that they know better than the people of Colorado. Rather than face accountability, they decided to subvert the system to retain power.

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