Update on the Colorado Recalls


Not surprisingly, the decidedly unhappy Democrats who are subject to recall are fighting with everything they’ve got and going to court. The decision will is apparently expected at about 1pm local time today.

As an outsider, you know what I see? I see two incumbents who are continuing to generate headline after headline that voters in their district don’t want them anymore. While they may be delaying the potential recall elections, they are also creating more headlines and stories that opposition in any general election could use against them. Oh, and it’s giving local opposition more time to recruit and vet recall challengers. I see the opportunity for people within their own party to figure that they want this this mess to go away already, so they may be considering whether or not they want to primary the incumbents.

The big challenge for our side will be keeping gun owners fired up and ready act once there’s an election happening. They need to be willing to give to opposition candidates with both their time and money. It’s tough to keep that kind of excitement sustained, but hopefully Colorado can pull it off.

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  1. Looks like the judge just ruled against Morse. The court agreed the recall should go forward.

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