Google Not Really Doing Anything New On Guns

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Thanks to several people who earlier in the weekend had sent the news that Google was about to bring forth greater restrictions on gun advertising. I was confused as to what was new about this, because I was pretty certain Google had restricted these items some time ago. I certainly would be a prime site to place some of those ads on, and they don’t appear. So what’s really new about this? Bob Owens took a look, and the answer is quite frankly, much ado about nothing.” I’m glad to hear that, because Bing sucks. Google is one of those products I wouldn’t frankly be able to boycott. It would be like boycotting roads.

5 thoughts on “Google Not Really Doing Anything New On Guns”

  1. Google is easy to give up. Well except for YouTube, I have not used a single Google product for years.

    Don’t miss that evil company for even a second.

    There are other roads…

  2. Only use blogspot anymore, I almost moved to word press then I realized, it doesn’t cost me anything and there are no adds, so I figured it was costing them money for me to write about their evil ways, using their storage, and their servers. Granted, it’s a bit like the impact a dust mite on the back of a fly, on the back of a elephant might have (none). Might still move – not like I get much traffic anyway.

    I’m debating going back to a simple burner phone instead of my iPhone – won’t touch android, or chrome – I don’t trust those guys, at all.

    If I were loaded and could afford a blackphone I probably wouldn’t buy one, it’s android and it wouldn’t surprise me if they modified android OS to store encryption keys and conversations for the NSA with out telling the developers.

  3. Team,
    When I first experienced blocking of sites, by my DSL provider, I searched for privacy. I have had excellent results from StartPage ( which presents itself as the world’s most private search engine. They do not track or post your computer identity. They got me through to the NRA Banned Guns Giveaway, which was fiercely blocked by some. This search engine is “enhanced” by Google, but not bothered by it.
    Keep up the Good Work!
    ~Don McGaffey
    NRA Master Training counselor
    NRA election volunteer Coordinator – Michigan

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