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Last night I finally made the transition away from Google Reader, given that I don’t have much more time before it disappears entirely. I decided to set up my own instance of Tiny Tiny RSS to act as a substitute, and so far it seems to work pretty well. I also took the chance to remove some old blogs that had been long abandoned, and added a few new ones. We’ll see how well things go with this. Given Google’s penchant for killing products, I may try to make myself entirely Google free.

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  1. FYI Using the free Newsblur now, they have a nice import from Google Reader feature, and it works well with this site.

  2. Almost every bit of “data,” be it visiting web pages, posting e-mail, chatting across town or whatever is either monitored for keywords or put in indefinite storage. If it passes through the Internet in the United States it is recorded.

    Trade sources say current storage capacity is about 1.5 yottabytes, three years worth, and they are building out to, rumored, ten yottabytes. Or more. So you can assume Big Brother is watching what you watch, listen to what you say, and reading what you put on the web.


  3. Ugh. I hated leaving Google Reader. About a month or so ago, my reader feed was giving me all sorts of problems. I assume others were having the same problem, as it seemed to be something more than just my feed. I finally got off my ass on this issue and tried, at the same time, NewsBlur premium ($24) and Feedly (Free). For about two weeks, I used both, which took a lot of time, but allowed me an opportunity to compare and contrast. I ultimately settled with Feedly. NewsBlur had some nice features, but with the volume of feeds I subscribe to, it would often slow down and/or totally close out my browser without notice. This happened a lot on my iPad. Additionally, NewsBlur broke stories to me slower than Feedly does. Feedly on the iPad is awesome. I can scroll news much faster with Feedly/iPad than Feedly on any other device. Oh, and I will say this about NewsBlur, though: in working with it, the guy who designed it was very quick back and forth on emails trying to help me with all my questions/concerns. On the other side, I’ve not had such questions/concerns with Feedly, so no experience with Feedly tech support. Hope that helps you some, keep up the good blogging my friend.

  4. I’m using Feedly also, and I find the web version just as intuitive. I actually like the Android app for Feedly better than the Google Reader Android app anyway.

  5. Right now, the replacement I hate least is NetVibes. I like NewsBlur as well, but didn’t feel like paying $2 a month for it. I also tried Feedly and The Old Reader… didn’t like either.

  6. Feedly has been my goto. They’ve done some nice upgrades/changes lately.

  7. I made a backup of all my feeds and I’m testing 2 readers right now. eldonreader and feedly. Both are nice, but I still wait for Google Reader to shut down before I make a final decision.

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