Is Home Depot Next?

For those of you who haven’t been following at home, both Chili’s and Sonic caved under pressure from Mom’s Demand Action. This weekend, Open Carry Texas held a rally outside of a local Home Depot. It would seem from the story that they were allowed, by Home Depot, to hold the rally outside on their property. Well, of course Shannon Watts jumps into action. I don’t blame anyone who suggests that these people have to be getting big fat checks from Bloomberg. It’s really hard to believe that even a small group of people like this could be as dense as these people are.

At this point even NRA, who I would normally not expect to comment on a matter like this, has issued a pretty strongly worded statement on OCT’s activities. I’m rather torn about how to continue covering this issue. On the one hand, it’s gun news, and we all have a stake in the outcome of these various skirmishes over guns in businesses. On the other hand, I think these people feed on attention, any attention. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good attention or bad attention; they are doing this for a reaction, and a reaction they are getting. So I’ve been wondering if we’re all only helping to feed the beast, if you will.

I am sincerely hoping that very shortly Shannon Watts will come across a business who will not be cajoled and bullied. That might take the wind out of her sails. We already have an example with Staples, and I’d be willing to bet that Staples is a lot more worried about losing business to Jeff Bezos than they are about losing business from Shannon Watts and her demanding moms.

UPDATE: Looks like it wasn’t just outside. Attention whores gonna whore.

15 thoughts on “Is Home Depot Next?”

  1. Staples resisted, but there weren’t pictures of white trash strolling around their stores with ARs all over the internet. If OCT had visited them first, they would have folded like all the others.

  2. I think this kind of asshattery needs to continue to be condemned in the strongest terms by our side.

    These are the gun-owner equivalent of the people who stand on street corners wearing polyester 3-piece suits holding religious texts over their heads and yelling at people with megaphones. They feel validated by the pushback they get from “the heathens” (or in this case, the “sheeple”).

    The *only* criticism that even has a chance of getting through their internal filters is criticism from people who come from a similar background who point out their rudeness and idiocy. Silence from our side will be taken by the attention-seekers as consent or silent affirmation.

    It appears that OCT is already feeling the criticism (here’s hoping), and if *they* actually get their heads screwed on straight then they in turn might be able to talk some sense into the worst of the Clown Militia.

  3. Home Depot initially posted in Colorado but quickly took them down. The bread and butter of Home Depot is not the family or mom picking up a toilet seaf but the small contractor who is usually male and generally a conservative and/or a ccw holder. I think they’ve picked a battlefield were not likely to lose.

    As stupid as rifle oc’ers can be hd will probably stand with us. If we can’t stop them from posting we are much weaker than I think we are.

  4. These OCing idiots are the most effective gun control group we’ve seen in a generation. I wonder at what point they’ll stop. They can only create so many gun free zones before they run out.

    And I do think it’s important to shame them instead of saying nothing. Shaming them might give them the negative attention that they seem to crave, but saying nothing condones the behavior in their eyes and the eyes of others.

      1. If you read the statements, they are asking people not to bring guns onto their property. Even if they don’t go so far as posting, they are still telling people to leave their guns at home.

    1. This is more evidence of amateur hour from this group, but would they be investigating if it wasn’t for the message? How many other similar situated groups get away with illegal raffles because they don’t offend? I’m not all that comfortable with law enforcement coming down on people over gotcha violations because they don’t like the message the people are speaking.

      And that’s not even considering how stupid anti-gambling laws are in the first place.

      1. I don’t think that article gives any indication that they were targeted because of their message. The statement by the investigator indicates that they were targeted because they contacted officials about how to legally do a raffle, decided they might not want to follow those rules, had a meeting amongst themselves, and then decided to have a high-profile raffle anyway. They put it on law enforcement’s radar and then decided they didn’t want to play by the rules and ended up caught because they were trying to get so much attention.

  5. You might want to check out a video put up on Youtube by the communists at Mother Jones magazine. It’s entitled GUN ACTIVISTS HARASS MARINE VETERAN!!! Now I don’t for a minute trust the people at MJ to be fair about this issue and after having looked at the video I still feel suspicious but you know the media will use(abuse) this if they can.

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