Growing the Astroturf

Miguel calls the head of Mom’s Demand Action the plastic gardener, noting her background as a PR professional. The question isn’t so much whether she has a PR background, but whether she’s a political hack. Shannon Watts doesn’t look like the same kind of hack as Donna Dees-Thomases, who was a closely tied to the Clintons and the media. It’s the fact that Dees-Thomases was a political hack that destroyed the narrative. Someone with a PR background can still be a stay-at-home mom from New Jersey or Indiana, but to suggest someone with close ties to the Clinton Administration is just some ordinary, concerned stay-at-home mom defies credulity. The question with Shannon Watts is who she is politically, and not so much what she did in her professional life, and I’m not sure any of the cases I’ve seen against Watts paint her to be connected at the same level as Dees-Thomases.

3 thoughts on “Growing the Astroturf”

  1. My initial question is why she tried to hide her background and actual work. Saying that she spent the last 7 years as a stay at home mom is not the truth.
    As I said, if she came out saying she was a Mom with a heavy PR background and she was going to use her experience as such for Gun Control, that would be one thing (I’d still would check on her) but if the cause is noble, why lie?
    Answer: They are enslaved to a narrative and tactics and cannot free themselves from them.

  2. I doubt this woman would have had the jobs she did with Monsanto and GE Healthcare if it were not for her connections with and work for Mel Carnahan. Both Monsanto and GE would have wanted to capitalize on those connections.

    If she worked for Mel, she would have been known to Jean who got his Senate seat. If she was known to Jean, daughter Robin, MO Sec. of State would have known her. If Robin knew her, then it is assured that Robin’s dumbass brother Russ who served in Congress for 8 years knew her.

    Troughton/Watts has/had both connections in the corporate and political world as well as expertise. I would not dismiss this too lightly. Yes, she isn’t connected to the First Lady like Dees-Thomas but she is connected politically.

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