Following the Anti-Gun Money

Dave Hardy reminds us that when you see new attacks from different groups that only may recently be jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon, you can usually follow the money back to Joyce, and now back to Bloomberg via Joyce.

On one hand, it’s handy that Bloomberg is responsible for it all because he’s such an easy guy for so many to hate. There’s nothing any normal American enjoys he hasn’t tried to regulate. Even people who applaud the success he has had in business tend to resent his attitude that he can just use his billions to buy public policies/offices he likes. On the other hand, he can spread his billions around to different groups and create different “faces” to his pet issues. It’s frustrating, but these reminders are handy.

6 thoughts on “Following the Anti-Gun Money”

  1. I wonder if their dependence on Bloomberg’s money will be harmful for the antis long-term. Although I assume he’ll leave a large endowment for the cause.

  2. Well, Mickey is 72, and since he can afford the best Healthcare there is outside of Obamacare, I figure he’ll be around for a good twenty years or so.

    Plan accordingly.

    1. He’s also a grade-a hypocrite with a love for salty and fatty food he sought to ban from the consumption of his subjects.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if he was a heavy smoker too.

      Still it is always safer to plan for the worst. Thankfully it is very difficult for him to hide his money, so he can be watched like a hawk, and it would be stupid NOT to do just that.

  3. That doesn’t sound much different from most of the fronts on the right, which can usually, with a little work, be traced back to a small handful of sources for their funding and ideological guidance. I would only comment that if the Bloomberg money can be traced that readily, it means Bloomberg is a rank amateur. But I think we all knew that.

    1. Don’t forget his ego.

      Every time he starts up a new gun control organization *he* has to be at the front of it.

      The man has openly said he’s doing this for his one legacy/gratification.

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