A Funny Inside Joke, But …

When you go to a rally, put on their gear, and hold their signs, you’ve um… joined their rally. I don’t blame anyone for going to cover a Mom’s Demand Action rally, watch the inanity, or record it for public consumption, but I’m pretty sure adding to their numbers by putting on their t-shirts and posing for their photo ops is a bad idea. I’m not sure who the joke’s on here, but I have a feeling it’s not on Shannon Watts.


Thinking about this a bit more, if you really wanted to get a group of people together and screw with Shannon Watts — make sure everyone has a fake but not obviously fake e-mail. If you want to get bold, throw in a few that might not be obvious to an anti, but would be hilarious to anyone in the know. Sign up using the fake e-mail. Get their t-shirt and signs. Get a few more for the kids back home. Then leave the venue, find a trash can, take a picture of their signs and gear in the trash can, and then post the picture somewhere they are sure to see it. Effect?

  • They will know they were had.
  • They’ll upload a bunch of false e-mails to their list, which might raise suspicion with their list provider when they bounce.
  • They’ll get a second “We’ve been had” moment when they get the bounces.
  • They’ll probably be denied that tactic for subsequent years, since they won’t want to waste a bunch of money on t-shirts knowing gun folks might be around looking to trash them.

If they insist that you put the shirts on to be photographed, the gig is up. Don’t do it. But giving them a fake e-mail is still worth a hoot. I’m sure you guys can think up plenty of funny e-mails in the comments that wouldn’t look obviously fake.

8 thoughts on “A Funny Inside Joke, But …”

  1. I don’t think nuance is the strong-suit of Team Shannon. They’re dumb enough to be genuinely happy that someone (anyone) is paying them attention.

  2. Well, that does it. I’m never going to support WizardPC again.

    Of course, I never supported him before, because, who is he, and why should I care?

    Everything about this issue seems a bit too obscure and trivial to waste time on. Even Moms Demand Action is hardly a name on most people’s lips.

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