Video Day: Dana Loesch on “The View”

I have a few videos building up in the tabs, so I thought I’d do a video day. The first video for today, accompanied by an article, is Dana Loesch’s appearance on “The View”

I thought she handled it well. After the big stink the Demanding Moms, all she had to do was avoid breathing fire.

3 thoughts on “Video Day: Dana Loesch on “The View””

  1. i didn’t know she switched from D to R, but her views as a “liberal” just sound stupid and uninformed and careerist, not actually liberal or progressive. Gun rights, for one, aren’t a conservative-only issue.

  2. Watching that segment, I have to say that that was a lot of respect and tolerance from women who hate guns. And Dana got to say just how strongly she feels about the 2A. But then it was (quickly!) on to bigger and better things. Could it be that they knew Dana could shred their anti-gun arguments without breaking a sweat?

    1. Ya think?

      I see the hand of the producers saying in Whoopie’s ear…. “PABLUM…NOTHING BUT PABLUM. Don’t give her a chance!”

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