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I woke up early today, took a look outside, and went back to bed. It was really coming down, and what’s worse, it’s the wet stuff; the kind of snow so heavy, you might as well be shoveling dead beavers off the driveway. All the previous snow was well on its way to melting away yesterday, but today it’s back with a vengeance. The office is closed today, but since this is one of my work from home days, it doesn’t really matter. Here’s some news links:

About the Super Bowl ad you didn’t see last night. The NFL is anti-gun folks. Hate to tell ya. Every time you watch the NFL, God shreds a vintage 1911.

I say any “conservative leader” who supports putting Sudafed behind a prescription wall gets themselves a primary challenger who knows their place.

A CSGV supporting politician goes to jail for domestic violence.

Someone tried to do a FOIA request of some of the 4473s sitting in an ATF warehouse in West Virginia and were denied. Good. I generally support transparent government, but not when it’s requesting information it really has no business asking about in the first place.

Uncle doesn’t think MDA’s Nashville chapter is going to last long. I’m going to guess that’s already a pretty small meeting.

The problems of early voting. Because being an informed voter takes some time, I think the easier and more convenient we make voting, the more people will be casting completely uninformed ballots. I am against early voting.

More gun laws in Massachusetts? They didn’t do much after Sandy Hook. It’s hard to say whether this is serious or just hot air from a windbag, but something to keep and eye on.

Derp still sells.

Dana Loesch takes on ABC’s “Young Guns.” Fortunately for us, the network news organizations have far far less influence than they used to. One of the great social advances of the past couple of decades is that more and more people seem to understand our media is full of crap. I’ll have more to say about Dana Loesch later.

Percentage who think our gun laws are too strict triples. That’s very good news. Those of us who believe we could use a lot less gun control have generally been a small minority. What I’m hoping is that a lot of these new gun owners have learned what the laws are, and they are pissed.

The weaponization of government. This was my biggest concern about electing a President from Chicago. This is how things are done there. Here’s an example on guns, for instance.

“Irish Democracy” at work in Colorado.

No one will want to take point.

Yes, let the hand wringing continue in Chicago.

Why would students on campus possibly need guns for self-defense?

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  1. On the 4473 denial: I’d much rather the reply from ATF was that it was impossible because they don’t have them anymore.

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