Shannon Watts: “A Self-Promoting Tyrant”

Evil Eye Watts

Daily Caller has run an article about woes in the gun control movement. It looks like Shannon Watts is running people off:

“Two beliefs unite nearly all gun control supporters: background checks save lives, and Shannon Watts is a self-promoting tyrant.”

Fake News? Or someone leaked to conservative media, knowing there’d be deniability. Possibly a shot fired across the bow at Shannon Watts? A warning to mend her ways? If I were on their side I’d want to be rid of her because, as I’ve said many times, she’s just not very good at what she does. Starting with picking the wrong side if what she was interested in was self-promotion.

Ms Watts: if you were looking for opportunities for shameless self-promotion, you really can’t beat the pro-gun side. I would have suggested taking up IDPA or USPSA. Or maybe establish your own state group and intimidate your way to power and influence (far more, I might add, than you have as Shannon Watts, gun control advocate).

You’d have tons of attention. Don’t even get me started on the potential a YouTube channel might hold! You’d have thousands more followers than you could ever hope to have with Everytown. Additionally, you can’t swing a dead cat in the gun rights movement without hitting other shameless self-promoters. We’re used to it. We don’t complain much. And the opportunity for networking and perfecting that craft are far greater than anything you’ll find in the very tiny gun control movement. You know, it’s not too late, Shannon. I can guarantee you’ll rise to far greater heights as a chick with a gun than you will as a chick who wants to control them. So what do you say?

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  1. Well unless she moved recently they’ve got Shannon’s location wrong. She lives in Zionsville Indiana, a stuck-up rich suburb of Indianapolis, not Colorado. Although if she has moved out of state I say good riddance!

    1. She lives in Boulder now and is apparently being groomed to enter Colorado Politics.

    2. Yay I will have to lift a frosty beverage tonight in honor of her departure!

  2. I’m simply shocked to learn that a woman who wants to control the personal choices of millions of people (gun owners) is a tyrant in the workplace, too.

    1. “… a woman who wants to control the personal choices of millions of people (gun owners) is a tyrant in the workplace, too.”

      Thank heavens gun owners refuse to fellow-travel with people who want to control the personal lives of other people, right? ;-)

        1. Yes. I merely forgot to compliment you, first.

          Thing is, I am really convinced the gun rights movement needs to have its nose rubbed in some of its own pathologies, to avoid eventual disaster. Part of that has to be, ceasing to imbue our opponents with exaggerated faults, and the people in our movement with exaggerated virtues. Doing so for propaganda purposes can be useful for tactical purposes, but becomes a problem if we start believing our own propaganda.

          That really is the weakness that allows charlatans to exploit any movement, and by exploiting it, weaken it.

          That’s why I throw in things like the above statement, as wisecracks. If they’re off-base, everybody can dismiss them. But if they cause our thinking elements to weigh a situation, that’s good, even if they weigh them differently from the way I do.

          Meanwhile, my apologies to Bitter and anyone else who deserves them.

      1. Who is trying to control the personal lives of others on our side? Most social conservatives are focused on being left alone by the Gaystapo and the governments they control.

  3. Bloomberg’s bought and paid for cross between Nurse Ratched and a Stepford wife.

  4. I always found it interesting that Shannon’s older daughter started college at Colorado State University though she no longer attends CSU. You know, one of those evil schools where blood runs in the street because they have campus carry.

    Oh, wait, blood did not run in the streets no matter what Shannon and her minions said would happen if lawful, licensed concealed carriers could carry on campus.

    Given the broadening of her leftist politics and incessant self-promotion (clamor about leggings on United Airlines and LGBTQ politics (#2 daughter is a lesbian)), one must wonder if she is setting herself up for a run for political office.

    1. “one must wonder if she is setting herself up for a run for political office”

      I would argue that building up her personal base may be a tactic to give her some level of “protection” from being ousted by Bloomberg, especially if these quotes do represent the feelings by other staffers in the organization. She’s branding herself as the gun control woman even with her extra outreach.

  5. I can’t believe that pro-2A people haven’t bought up the fact that Shannon Watts has had four different last names during the course of her life. Draw your own conclusions about her personal life.

    1. Which would also explain why she chose the anti side. Pro-2A has more followers, but it doesn’t have Michael Bloomberg, capiche?

      1. “Pro-2A has more followers, but it doesn’t have Michael Bloomberg…”

        I am going to be deliberately a little cryptic with this, but that’s why 501 (c)(4)s are allowed so much secrecy about their finances and its sources. And that works for the right, as much (or more so) than for the left.

        When you give a donation to some “gun rights” organizations, to defend the 2A, the money may very well be directed to some other group pursuing a totally unrelated issue. And the organization itself may have gotten its seed-money from another, also totally unrelated source.

        I know that from experience “on the right,” but I have no reason to think things work differently “on the left.” In short, you and I have no idea where some of our “gun rights” funding comes from, or goes.

        1. I think you missed my point. It’s not Bloomberg’s MONEY she’s after. Or maybe it is in the long run, but not through payment of her salary.

          Do I have to draw a picture?

  6. So what you are basically telling Ms Watts is “Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies”?

  7. My wonder leads me to wonder if she even thinks for a moment she is a Gold digger? I mean her sugar daddy Bloomberg has been used and has paid her millions for nothing. For her loyalty to the lying cause, Bloomberg will bankroll most of her political race in Colorado. This is what Gold diggers do!

    1. Personally I’ll save my animus and disdain for the Gold Diggers (or all genders) in the pro-gun camp. They subvert our cause, while the Gun-Grabbing Gold Diggers subvert their cause; may their numbers increase!

      1. If our Gold-Diggers are effective, a certain amount of graft is unfortunate but tolerable. Handgun Control, Inc. was for much of its time, two people on salary who have had little long-term effect.

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