Everytown Protest of the NRA Annual Meeting

I didn’t manage to get over to the big public square to check out the Mom’s Demand rally, because we were too busy having fun at the main event. Rumor has it that the protest was bused in, and their number was just about exactly what they had pulled the permit for, which was around 100 persons. Bob Owens managed to get over there, and took a great panorama shot of the crowd, something you will definitely not see from the Main Stream Media.

Dana Loesch also managed to get over there and confronted Shannon Watts directly. Apparently she was whisked away in a car with New York tags.

UPDATE: Thirdpower has more.

2 thoughts on “Everytown Protest of the NRA Annual Meeting”

  1. Note how their communication director claims the group is not anti gun for self defense, yet they oppose self defense as being valid good cause for a ccw per their filings in the Peruta case in California. So I guess they are only in favor of guns for self defense if Bloomberg’s millions pay for the security personnel to carry those guns.

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