It is Time to Pass on the Tradition

Back in the days when the Brady Campaign was actually relevant, I had a tradition of offering some advice to the vanquished and disenfranchised, to attempt to assuage the sorrow. Hate to say it, Mark, but Christmas ain’t coming early this year. That is OK. There is a remedy. When things are getting bad, there is really only one choice:

Bad Tequila

I’ll even rehash my original post on the topic, “It’s readily available, especially in DC, it’s cheap, and it will make the pain go away very quickly.  When it comes to assuaging your sorrow, there’s nothing in the world that beats tequila. I can speak from experience here.” Mark Glaze, send your intern to the liquor store, crack open a bottle, and get started. During times like this, never trust a tequila that isn’t sold by the liter.

UPDATE: And yes, sometimes I’ve had to take my own medicine. But that was a temporary setback. Is the ink from Obama’s pen even dry on that fix yet?

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  1. “I think the NRA walked away with an important lesson and that is that these kinds of recalls to kick legislators out of office are not going to be cheap and easy anymore,” Glaze said in an interview. “They have to spend every dime they have and pull out the stops and we’re going to be matching them every step of the way.”

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