Attention NRA…

Colorful Colorado

This story needs to be told at next year’s annual meeting.

“I’ve never been politically active before,” Victor Head, the man behind Pueblo Freedom and Rights, tells me. “I’ve never done anything beyond voting. I never went to rallies, never went to protests, never wrote a letter to a senator or anything like that. But as soon as these gun-control laws started being talked about, my brother and I were like, ‘we should do something.’”

Make that happen. Please. (Actually, I’m not asking that nicely. I’m kind of demanding.)

In the meantime, everyone should go read the whole story of a guy who just got concerned that his local lawmaker wasn’t listening to him.

Oh, and in case anyone needs a reminder that when women come into the movement, we really get involved, there’s this little note:

The six- or seven-person phone bank is almost exclusively staffed by retired women, each working from a cell phone. Running methodically down the lists of recall signatories, the callers politely ensure that each and every one has voted — and, if not, that they know where to go.

One thought on “Attention NRA…”

  1. Most telling quote in the article:

    In the press it was all, ‘local gun group files petition.’ And the local Democrats said that it was laughable and we might get plus or minus 3,000 signatures. They called us ‘amateur hour’ and ‘peons.’

    The press still believes that any activism over gun rights cannot be by regular people, and must be a “gun group.” The Democrats still believe that gun rights are valued only by a fringe minority that can’t amass any significant numbers. They think it’s cute when we try, but they expect us to fail.

    The “amateur hour” and “peons” remarks are pretty self-explanatory. That’s how they see us. They don’t take us seriously, but this recall election will (hopefully) put them on notice that they should.

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