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Sorry about the lack of posts this morning. A friend from NRA was in town, so we got together for lunch at a local BYOB BBQ establishment. For those of you not familiar with Pennsylvania’s twisted liquor laws, the Liquor Control Board had a fixed number of liquor licenses, so up until fairly recently, if you wanted to get one, someone else had to go out of business, give it up, or have their license permanently revoked. As a result, a lot of restaurants couldn’t get them, so it created a pretty lively Bring Your Own Bottle restaurant culture. There is even a Mexican restaurant I know in the area that gives out margaritas as a scheme for filling tables. If you do not have a liquor license as a restaurant, it’s perfectly lawful in Pennsylvania to give liquor away. You only need a license to sell it. The Mexican place in question closed for a number of days a year with a sign on the door that said “Gone to Mexico for vacation.” I always figured they were buying the tequila cheap, and smuggling it over the border.

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  1. Don’t you love it when some people from Mexico show up here and in just a few years start a business, learn the laws, and work their tails off in pursuit of the American dream. All the while our kids are on their asses bitching that the gov’t is not doing enough for them.

  2. Back in the 50’s, my Dad would pile everyone he could into the station wagon, drive to Nogales (we lived in Phoenix), and cross the border.
    The rule was one quart per person, no import duty!
    We looked like a clown car!

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