The Brady Statement

Here’s a statement from the Brady Campaign on the whole Heller thing.   Looks like Josh Sugarmann isn’t happy either, even though he’s now in a prime opportunity to take advantage of this decision.  I am not without a heart.  I feel for them.  I really do.  So I’m going to offer my recommendation to help ease the pain of this decision.

It’s readily available, especially in DC, it’s cheap, and it will make the pain go away very quickly.  When it comes to assuaging your sorrow, there’s nothing in the world that beats tequila.  I can speak from experience here.  So Peter, send Doug to the liquor store, crack open a bottle, and get started.  You can drink to Mexico, where guns are still illegal.  I wouldn’t wait until the close of business.  I’d get started now.  Invite Josh over too.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.   Be sure to get pictures of Paul looking down the neck of an empty bottle, looking sad.  We really would like that.

8 thoughts on “The Brady Statement”

  1. Josh is the one with the FFL, right? People should call him up and ask where he is opening his gun shop.

  2. I love some of the comments that ol’ Josh is getting. Liberals with guns are suggesting he and Fenty and the 4 dissenters go live in the bad areas of DC or Baltimore and then see if he still is for gun bans.

  3. The FSA has changed their wording from “banning” to “regulating” while Daley is going ape over the lawsuit filed by the ISRA.

  4. Here’s my question. Now that the ACLU’s take on the Second Amendment has been, for all intents and purposes, defenestrated, does the organization have the intellectual honesty and intestinal fortitude to begin litigating as tenaciously over potential violations of the Second Amendment as they do over potential violations of the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth?

  5. BC, we can only hope, but for the time being I’m still sending money to the NRA for the defense of my 2A rights, and to the ACLU for the rest of ’em.

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