Gun Control Advocates Who Don’t Trust Bloomberg

Who can you trust to promote gun control? Apparently not Mike Bloomberg, according to folks who would like to at least see some gun control.

But there is another face of gun control that is much less trustworthy. It is a face which gun rights activists believe represents wholesale registration and eventual confiscation. That face belongs to Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, who is also the money behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This group made headlines recently for using a list of supposed gun victims, but which included killers like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers.

I almost have to wonder if someone pitched this editorial, and whether this represents infighting within the gun control movement now that they have accomplished nothing at the federal level in the wake of Newtown. Conceptually and strategically, I think MAIG has been a stronger opponent than the other gun control groups, at least in the last decade. But they are definitely saddled by the fact that Bloomberg isn’t a very likable or charismatic figure, and is easy to demonize.

7 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocates Who Don’t Trust Bloomberg”

  1. Infighting among the anti’s would be a welcome sight IMO.

    If they discredit each other it only makes our job easier.

    1. I actually giggled a little when I read this post and your comment. But in a manly way, mind you. Okay, who am I kidding? I am giggling like a schoolgirl, watching this unfold before my eyes.

  2. Bloomberg didn’t write that list; victim disarmament advocates did. Their movement will always have this kind of problem.

    1. Bloomberg didn’t write that list, but Bloomberg’s funded group held an event where they did make the decision to include the name on the section of the list they included in the reading.

      1. Yes, and the next person who funds a group of disarmament activists will find them doing this again. The problem isn’t with Bloomberg; it’s with the whole movement.

  3. Good. Let them fight among themselves. Yes, Bloomberg is something to fear with all of his money. But remember he only recently jumped into the battle. And now he has made mistake after mistake, and also represents something many Americans hate- somebody else telling them what to do. For those hard core anti-gunners, it doesn’t matter. But for the low information voter, Bloomberg is easy to present as an bad guy.

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