Bloomberg Names Boston Bombers as Gun Violence Victims

According to Brietbart. Sometimes I think Bloomberg is smart enough to avoid the kinds of amateurish mistakes I’d expect of CSGV or the Brady Campaign, but wow. Apparently in reading off a list of gun violence victims, they mentioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Glad to see MAIG sticking up for terrorists. Stay classy.

17 Responses to “Bloomberg Names Boston Bombers as Gun Violence Victims”

  1. bigskydoc says:

    I was wondering if they did it on purpose to get people talking about the rallies that had heretofore been pretty much ignored. I haven’t seen jack squat about the vulture bus tour (except on gun sites/ blogs) until this popped up. Now I see it on Drudge, Facebook…

    – bsd

  2. HappyWarrior6 says:

    Just let them keep talking. They continue to show their true colors.

  3. Bitter says:

    It’s not just Brietbart. I’m seeing this all over general right-of-center media outlets. They are all highlighting that this was a Bloomberg event, and that is quite funny.

  4. He was also a victim of being-run-over-by-an-SUV-by-your-brother-while-fleeing-the-cops-violence. Ban SUVs and running from the cops, for the children. :(

  5. Ed says:

    Yes, and Mohammed Atta was an aviation incident victim.

  6. JR says:

    Freudian slip. Criminals are the only real victims of “gun violence” in criminals’ minds. Would not be surprised if most of the names they read off were criminals, justifiably shot in self-defense.

  7. Rob Crawford says:

    This is who they are. This is what they do. They want to render the populace defenseless, to be at the mercy of those “committed” enough to their cause to murder and maim.

    I reject that Che Guevara’s continuing popularity is a matter of ignorance. It’s clear that it’s out of admiration for his willingness to commit violence — just like Mumia, and Ayers, and now Tsarnaev.

  8. IGotBupkis, "Faeces Evenio", Mr. Holder? says:

    }}} I reject that Che Guevara’s continuing popularity is a matter of ignorance.

    I think for most it’s true ignorance. All too many, when asked what he did, know absolutely zero. It’s just a “cool” thing to wear, like a Batman T-shirt.

  9. bumberg is only trying to get his pitcher on the dollar bill instead of washingtons as he thinks he is the only person without a brain, his brain is nothing but a dollar bill that can’t buy anything
    so go back to new York and play god we don’t want you!

  10. Ben Moser says:

    Mayor Doomturd is beyond help, his train is off the tracks. Look, by now any sane human has come to the conclusion that Doomturd can no longer be trusted with any decision more complex than which shoe goes on which foot. He is delusional and drunk with power and money and a false belief that he knows what is best for all, time to go Doomturd !

    • TS says:

      His soda ban really helped us. It was well publicized and showed America what kind of guy he is, if they didn’t already know.

  11. SAm says:

    History has an unlimited cast of characters who were either rich, powerful or both and who’s riches, power or both went to their heads to the point they thought that the were smarter than everyone else and people needed to obey them because they were soooooooooooooo smart. Hitler thought he was smart and so did King George.(George was really dumb). I’m sure Bin Laden thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Napoleon was another one. (he was pretty smart). And I can go on.

    The one common factor is that they leave behind a trail of death and destruction. If the Bloomer gets his way and disarms America (except for criminals) there will be a carnage of law abiding private citizens across this land in the streets, in their homes, even in their beds. And he would not give a damn.
    Blame it on someone else.

    This is what people need to consider and we need to keep telling them. Only one thing keeps the bad guys at bay — a loaded pistol in the hands of a trained citizen defending his or her family. I’d hate to face a .357 in the hands of a mom defending her baby. So do the bad guys.

  12. Dirk Diggler says:

    Ironic that Mayor Mumbles is mayor of Boston (home of the bombing) and co-chair of MAIG. Does this mean he endorses calling the bomber a victim by maintaining his presence in the group? Shouldn’t he have a very loud and quick/public exit and criticize Bloomy’s group?? Hmmm.

  13. TS says:

    They’ve issued an apology and blamed it on

    • Bitter says:

      But they haven’t spoken out about the other criminals who were shot by police as they tried to kill others that they include. Apparently, even the LA manhunt guy is down as a victim of gun violence.

  14. SAm says:

    OK so we can blame it on Slate. Never take accountability, Bloomer. You can only be right.
    Next they can blame it on the dog. The cat. Rush Limbaugh. etc

    Fact is they are setting up a situation that will eventually cause more death and destruction than any AR15 ever could.

    Part of the noise is to distract us from the UN arms treaty Barry is getting ready to sign. I can see all these guys kissing up to him for that. Starting with Christie, or Mr. Politically expedient no backbone or honor Governor.

  15. Joe Smithson says:

    Technically yes they are. Both bombers are victims of gun violence, since they were both shot at in a violent manner.


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