I’m Quaking in my Boots

The New Republic says the NRA is at the end of its rope, and facing something it’s never faced before; a real gun control movement. Well, I guess that depends on what your definition of “real” is. We’ve seen plenty of astroturf from the other side, and more than a fair share of emotional blackmail, shaming, and condescension. But a real grassroots gun control movement? It doesn’t exist, and has never existed. Additionally, as Astroturfers-in-Cheifs go, Bloomberg is a great villain. No doubt, Bloomberg is a threat, but the level of threat he represents is entirely dependent on us. If we keep our grassroots game going, i.e. don’t fall back asleep, we can sweep him aside. This is Bagdad Bob level nonsense. NRA is bigger than it’s ever been, and we’re looking around at what the other Friends Committees are raising in disbelief. NRA at it’s end? Hardly.

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  1. Yeah, sure Bloomberg has a lot of money, but he also embraces every other -control.

    It’s hard to say that gun control is all reasonable and populist when an elitist NYC control freak is at the helm.

    Also does the New Republic even know its history? They could at least look back to the Fed AWB or the heady days of Handgun Control Inc.

    1. Knowing history is a detriment to the “progressive”. If they knew history, they’d understand that their “new” ideas have been tried hundreds of times and failed every time.

  2. realclearpolitics linked to a similar article in the boston globe today, it’s like they think if they say it enough times it will become true…. They are going through the stages of grief… they first denied the reality of where the country is at on the issues, then they got angry when they lost, now they’re bargaining with the facts and trying to cheer themselves up….

    It’s real simple to me, we’ve been winning for 20 years. Over the last six months, has their side convinced more people to become single issue gun control voters than our side has woken up and turned into single issue gun rights voters? No, they haven’t…. and even if they closed the gap a little, they are nowhere near taking the lead….. they can’t be dumb enough to actually think someone saying “sure, I support better background checks” on a phone survey actually means anything….

  3. “it’s like they think if they say it enough times it will become true”

    From Marx we know that massy mass is species being.

    Part of groupthink is order to rev up the mob and yourself. Ann Coulter talked about the importance of Leftist sloganeering in Demonic.

  4. We were in much MUCH worse shape back in 1993/94, and they must certainly know that. The gun-grabbers then were much better organized (we were not), had real power in Congress, the White House and the Courts (we did not), and a president who was not toxic to everything he touched, and who actually wanted gun control badly enough to fight for it.

    Not buying the doom sayers.

  5. Gun ownership is DOWN???
    Even though more states offer concealed carry than ever before, more guns are being sold than ever before, and manufacturers can’t keep up with demand for guns or ammo?

    I smell bullshit……

    1. The percentage of households that own guns is down if you compare 2010s figures to 1960s or 1970s figures… That’s about as indisputable as statistics can ever be. What they always seem to bury is that the _number_ of households overall has increased dramatically.

      I don’t have the raw numbers at hand, but think of it this way: If once upon a time 50% of 100 households owned guns, but now 25% of 400 households own guns… The rate of gun ownership is in decline!!! (But there are now twice as many gun owning households.)

      Statistics are like bikinis: what they reveal is tantalizing… what they conceal is vital.

      1. I forget which gun blogger did it…but assumed that the survey numbers were accurate…and still came up with 8 MILLION MORE gun owning households than before. And thus defined the LOW end of the possible amounts.

      2. I agree that gun ownership is not declining, but I disagree with your explanation for why the polls are inaccurate.

        I think the much simpler answer is that people are not telling pollsters the truth on this question, and for good reason too. Think about it, who is most likely to lie to the pollster about owning guns? The person who has the most to lose which is the person who owns lots of guns. And can anyone blame the lying gun owner considering the witch-hunting-level hysteria suffusing the gun-issue since 1989?

  6. HuffPuffPo has a nice article on this….nice as in…target rich environment and the anti rights bigots are getting trounced.

    Beats yelling at the TV. I like seeing what it takes to get them sputtering and insulting me because I don’t accept their various fallacies and false premises and don’t kowtow to emotional blackmail.

  7. A propaganda piece, with only a casual relationship to the facts. For example he claimed that “Levy is not just any gun-rights advocate. He was the winning lawyer in DC v. Heller,..”, that idiot apparently never heard of Gura!

    On the other hand it did confirm that MAIG intends to purge the Democratic Party of pro-gun congressmen and senators, even at the cost of a Senate majority in 2014. Of course MAIG thinks they can purge Republicans too, but good luck with that! Just money flushed down the crapper.

    Aside from the ridiculous triumphalism of the article (Baghdad Bob indeed!) is how it completely ignores the extreme policies enacted into State law since Newton, which really exposes the extremist agenda of the new gun control groups the article celebrates.

  8. Don’t underestimate the power of Bumburg’s money…it did a number on the Colorado State Legislature this year, and could have done worse except for a few pro-gun legislators saying and doing intensely stupid things, shooting themselves in the foot…like about women on campus not being capable of determining when they’re being threatened with rape and therefore ought not to have guns coz they’ll start pop-pop-popping people….and other monumentally stupid comments and actions.
    Had they played their cards more intelligently, things would have been even worse than a magazine ban, a fee for background checks, universal background checks and other nonsensical laws that would in no way have prevented the madmen with guns at Columbine, Aurora or SandyHook….their poor excuse for gun control.

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