Media Spinning Colorado Recall Elections

Media spinning the recall elections in Colorado as “phony.” Expect this to continue. A lot of them aren’t even mentioning his vote on gun control, and it’s being downplayed. WaPo doesn’t like how recall is being used. Funny, did they feel the same way about the Scott Walker recall? Why no, they didn’t.

What’s funny is I’m sure that the Colorado Democrats are now dutifully studying the Scott Walker playbook on how to beat a recall. All this could have been avoided if Morse and Giron had listened to Coloradans instead of taking orders from the White House and Gracie Mansion.

4 thoughts on “Media Spinning Colorado Recall Elections”

  1. That could backfire on the Democrats. Their people may perceive it as silly and may not bother to vote. Wouldn’t that be something?

  2. What’s with the word “phony”? I’ve been noticing it thrown around a lot lately, ever since Pres. Obama used it to describe his administration’s scandals. It might just be preference bias, but….

  3. “Phony” was used a lot by the Soviets way-back-when to discredit American policy and anything American. At the 1959 “Kitchen Debate” Khrushchev dismissed American home appliances as if the average house-wife didn’t/couldn’t have or need a functioning stove or refrigerator. He thought it was all Potemken villages.
    Now Americans are using it to discredit each other.

  4. “Phony” in their Lexicon has the same effect as “Rational Discourse” and “Reasonable People can Agree…”

    It’s ALL Agit-Prop for the Sheeple.

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