Happy Tuesday: News Links

Any day where the dew point is under 50 and the high is only supposed to hit 82 is a good day in my book, so with the servers being kept cool with fresh outside air, here is the news:

Hey, gun people are everywhere. What’s more important is for other people to realize that.

Connecticut is going to talk about weakening their self-defense laws even further (they already have a duty to retreat).

Dave Hardy takes another look at the racial implications of SYG. Not the narrative you’ve been hearing in the media, is it?

Josh Horwitz of Coalition to Prevent Gun Ownership hates logic.

Does MAIG support sexual harassment?

Joe gave me a scare for a bit, but it raises a good question of how many of us have first aid training? I admit to being deficient in this area.

Good to see folks had fun at the Northeast Blogger Shoot. I went shooting in New Hampshire once, but the journey through Mordor has only gotten more perilous.

Destroying gun control as a political movement is our end game. To do that, we have to make it a toxic issue for both parties. We have succeeded, largely, in convincing many Republicans. Now the Democrats have to be freshly punished for their late transgressions. Maybe then they’ll finally get it for good.

The Brady Campaign gets one of their lawsuits tossed. I’m sure it was helpful for fundraising letters while it lasted. Eugene Volokh has more on the lawsuit getting tossed.

Expect the antis to keep pushing this concealed carry insurance mandate. Anything to drive up the cost and deny the poor the same rights the 1% have. They even have a blog.

Senate Democrats have abandoned efforts to pass a law this year. This has the right people very upset.

NRA is appealing the 18-20 year old gun rights case to the Supreme Court. I’ll be surprised if they grant cert on this, but anything is possible.

Smith & Wesson employees seem particularly worried about the prospect of more gun control in Massachusetts. They should be worried. The left has shown that gun control fantasies are more important to them than good paying jobs.

11 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday: News Links”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Yeah, I intentionally mislead the reader until late in the post to increase the tension a bit.

    This wasn’t just any first aid class this was a Tactical (without the black nitrile gloves) First Aid class. I paid for Ry and I to attend out of Boomershoot money because it was advertised as addressing explosion injuries as well as gunshot injuries.

    It is a very good class and is offered on the East coast as well as in the Seattle area.

  2. Wonder of wonders, the gun insurance blog allows comments/replies. How long will that last?

    1. “How long will that last?”

      Probably until the first 5,000 commenters call them “commie libtards” and thereby shut off an outlet for making intelligent observations on the issue.

      1. You’re using an awfully big brush to paint pro-gun people as pretty stupid knuckle draggers. While I don’t deny that comments like that do appear at times, much of the history of the anti-gun blogosphere has shut down commenting when challenged by people asking serious questions or providing reasonably intelligent responses to their arguments. The insults are typically what they like to let stand since that feeds their views of what gun owners represent. But the serious questions or points made against them are not things they like to answer, so those are often the first comments to disappear.

        1. I will happily defer to you on that one; I’m certain you have spent more time monitoring those outlets than I have. I’m judging from the nature of comments I see in generic, everyday outlets.

          1. There’s a lot of variance in comment quality. I can often tell if I’ve been linked by some places by the precipitous drop in comment quality from people I’ve never seen before. YouTube, for example, is a notorious wasteland in the comment section.

  3. “Expect the antis to keep pushing this concealed carry insurance mandate. Anything to drive up the cost and deny the poor the same rights the 1% have.”

    Keep an eye on elements of our own crowd, with that one.

    I’ll dodge the long stories, but I knew RKBA activists right here in PA who confided that they opposed Constitutional Carry, precisely because they were afraid the “poor” (as it were) would take advantage of it. Those with an elitist “Real Gunnie” attitude might not be too stridently opposed to any policy that preserved their specialness.

    (I can’t be overly specific, but these were activists who hung out in Daryl Metcalfe’s office a lot.)

    1. There was a big vein of that in Western New York about 10 years ago when I lived there. As there were some counties that were Shallish issue, especially if you knew the right people (of course).

    2. let’s be clear that pro-gun advocacy has a old white guy issue, so “poor” means ethnic minorities. they’re also only part libertarian and often deaf to the constitutional basis of abortion rights and gay rights.

      The NRA is doing a bit better lately, but what we need to mainstream gun rights is a transgendered black/asian/latin yelling “DONT TREAD ON ME!” with a rainbow flag in one hand and a pistol in the other.

  4. “ethnic minorities. they’re also only part libertarian and often deaf to the constitutional basis of abortion rights and gay rights.”

    In other words, they are totally assimilated, mainstream Americans? :-)

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