Under Lawsuit, Colorado Backs Down A Little

With the threat of a temporary injunction looming, the State of Colorado decided to back off the claim that even temporary transfers of magazines constitutes a transfer, and magazines with removable baseplates will no longer be considered “readily convertible.” Apparently this agreement will have force of law. The lawsuit will still go ahead, but this is at least some progress. Hopefully not progress that will quell any flames of anger gun owners feel to the politicians who did this to them. They still need to get the boot come election time.

2 thoughts on “Under Lawsuit, Colorado Backs Down A Little”

  1. “As originally written, the plaintiffs said, a “grandfather” clause would make it illegal for someone to lend a magazine of more than 15 rounds to someone else.

    The two sides agreed that Attorney General John Suthers would redraft guidance to say that continuous possession is interrupted only when a person sells a gun magazine”

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  2. Suthers has no authority over local police and prosecutors. Not clear to me whether making it a court order conveys that. I’m not going anywhere near the place until repeal or case law.

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