Another Misbehaving Mayor in MAIG

He hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime at this point, but San Diego Mayor Bob Filner admits that he has been sexually harassing female employees who work under him and then trying to intimidate them. He claims that his continued sexual harassment and intimidation efforts against his victims can be cured with a little bit of “help” and some more sexual harassment training.

In the meantime, Filner would like you to know that joining MAIG and standing up against law-abiding gun owners is one of his top accomplishments in his term. Oddly, I don’t see a mention on that list of his effort to create a sexually hostile work environment for women and trying to intimidate those who think they have some “right” to not be harassed by their employer, but that certainly seems to have been a priority for him!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg really does surround himself with some quality folks in Mayors Against Guns.

7 thoughts on “Another Misbehaving Mayor in MAIG”

  1. Never trust with political power anyone who has ever pulled the routine, “Do you know who I am?” Filner is a character with a long history of acting like an ass.

    Yet San Diego, despite its reputation as a conservative town, elected that jerk Filner mayor. Go figure.

    1. Conservative town? Less liberal than San Francisco and Los Angeles is a better way to describe it.

  2. This one gets better, it was an open secret that this guy has a problem harassing women – but remember there is a republican war on women. The warning were there two years ago and the party kept supporting him.

  3. As a MAIG member and an ass (redundant?), the conclusion I reach is that he doesn’t support the right of women to defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

  4. And of course, the NBC article on a Democrat scandal provides us with another opportunity to play “Name That Party!”

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