The Philly Lawsuit

The City of Philadelphia’s law suit against the General Assembly for failing to allow the city to pass gun control measures.  Apparently it’s taken a while to get the lawsuit going.   Why?  According to the Inky:

The lawsuit has been on hold for a different reason: Clarke couldn’t find a lawyer willing to take the case.

Council has one now, Clarke said, but he declined to identify the lawyer. Clarke also declined to say whether the new laws would be enforced immediately, explaining that he did not want to compromise the legal strategy.

So it took them a while to find a lawyer who was willing to take the city’s money for a case that has no prayer of going anywhere, in an area where there’s well established precedent upholding the state’s preemption.

I wonder how Philadelphia citizen feel knowing their tax dollars are going to pay lawyers to take a lawsuit that has no merit into the court system, rather than, I don’t know, hiring police and locking up criminals.