Colorado Lawsuit Against New Gun Control Laws

About 85% of Colorado’s county sheriffs are leading a lawsuit challenging Colorado’s recently passed gun control laws. The lawsuit was filed today by Dave Kopel, and includes some other names you might recognize such as NSSF and Magpul. The lawsuit is pretty easy to read and follow in outlining the specific objections to key bills.

Before it was filed, Dave Kopel did an interview on the lawsuit subject. (He also signed up more law enforcement between the time of this interview and the time of filing.)

UPDATE: Here is the video of the press conference announcing the lawsuit:

4 thoughts on “Colorado Lawsuit Against New Gun Control Laws”

  1. who the hell are the 15% traitors to the Constitution is what I want to know – if Kopel wins, then 18 USC 241 all of them.

  2. Too bad if it does go to court the courts will uphold everything. And then they can say ‘look, the courts upheld it so it’s totally constitutional’.

    1. The likelihood of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding it would be nil, I think. Intermediate courts, who knows.

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