A New Phenomenon

NPR, of all outlets, comments on a new trend: politicians featuring guns in their ads in an attempt to appeal to gun owners. It’s really nothing new, but years ago getting them into a duck blind, or posing with a shot gun at a clay range, was about the best you could hope for. Now we have politicians firing submachine guns and bragging about it. I consider this progress.

6 thoughts on “A New Phenomenon”

  1. Yeah, I saw that too but cringed at their description of a woman merely holding a weapon as “brandishing” the thing.

    I guess to some (too many), the act of merely holding a firearm is “brandishing.” But still, I wish journalists, especially the supposedly educated ones at NPR, would use the English language correctly.

    I looked in vain for the author’s contact information.

  2. Who can forget John Kerry in his blaze orange and a shotgun slung over his shoulder.

  3. I noticed they used the term “assault rifle” with the gross inaccuracy one would expect from the media.

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