Well, The Great Obama Gun Panic is Over for Me

The last of my contribution to the panic buying has come in:


That’s about all the panic I could muster. Brownell’s finally shipped the last of my backorder from January and it arrived yesterday. I actually did not own a PMAG before the Great Panic, though I have many green follower magazines, most of them Brownell’s manufacturers, but I also have a few from other sources. Still have a ten round steel magazine from the ten years of darkness.

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  1. I bought a Mini-14 earlier this year, just because I like old school rifles better than pistol grip rifles. But, sad to say, other than finding some old mags on gunbroker, I have been unable to buy any new mags for it. I have one of the Gen I Tapco mags, and it works perfectly. Been trying to find 2-4 of the Gen 2 mags every since. I think everyone is cranking out M-4 mags…just not bothering with Mini-14 mags.

      1. A week ago, no. But they have them now. However…I really, really don’t want to pay $50 for 1 30 round mag. Hence…why I’m looking for the Tapco’s. I know they work and I should be able to get them for under $20.

    1. I think everyone is cranking out M-4 mags…just not bothering with Mini-14 mags.

      Well, the tooling is different, so I doubt it’s that.

      I suspect it’s more that capacity is a lot lower, because demand is a lot lower, but every Mini-14 owner, so to speak, is also panic-buying.

      (This is why I want Ruger to make a Mini-14 that uses STANAG magazines…)

  2. I just got a 10-pack of aluminum USGI mags from Brownells that I ordered back in January.

    I ordered two BX-25 Magazines in December from Midway and they’re still not here. I think they just forgot about my order or something – but that’s ok because I don’t even own a 10/22 yet. Those takedown 10/22’s are impossible to find and that’s the one I want.

  3. As a result of the Great Panic, I now keep track of my magazines by the gallon. Its easier.

    I did not pay panic prices for any of them, but I did make a bunch of back orders and I took full advantage of the DSG Arms holiday sale.

  4. My two panic guns were a Uberti single action and a Mosin sniper. Both have since been sold. My later panic gun was an AR-15 that I traded for an AK-74 and 1600 rounds of ammo and 4 mags.

  5. The start of the great panic coincided with the introduction of the M3 P-Mag. I had heard rumors that the M3 was going to supercede the E-Mag, which I prefer.

    As a result, at the December Oaks show, I bought every E-Mag D. Todd had on his table (6) and ordered another 20. I actually got a $2 per mag discount.

  6. I bought some Glock mags on backorder in early January. While there is no “enough” of mags I have AR/M4 mags by the gallon as well so I focused on what I needed the most. TS

  7. I must have missed the boat… no panic buying for me. I have more aluminum GI mags then I can shake a stick at and they work, no need to buy more. My only firearm purchase during this “panic” was a C&R K31 swiss which I paid non panic pricing for.

    As for lcb, be patient.. the tapco mags will be back. You can try contacting Tapco directly and see if they can point you to a distributor who has them in stock. Try CDNN.

  8. It would have been nice if you had a couple extra 20 round mags to line them up with a 30 rounder for the requisite middle finger shot.

  9. Good to know that they’re shipping orders from January. I bought some PMAGs (half with windows, half without) and the non-windows ones came in a few months ago and have been sitting on a shelf waiting for the windowed ones to arrive so they could ship together. Whee.

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