4 thoughts on “Coming at us Again in Illinois”

  1. Someone paid for various family members from Newtown CT to come out and dance for the pols. Democrats questioned about it responded with “file a FOIA request”.

    What else is some shadow paying for?

  2. if i lived in IL, i’d be sorely tempted to start dropping 30-round AR magazines into the briefcases of politicians, then calling the cops.

    1. You seem to be laboring under the delusion that political and social elites live under the same rule of law as the little people.

      There would be zero consequences for a politician who had an illegal weapon, illegal magazines, illegal ammunition, and carried it all around in a gun-free zone. The local media would kill the story if convenient to do so so there would not even be any PR fallout.

      Can you imagine a Chicago politician being held accountable for such actions?

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