28 thoughts on “Glad I’m Not the Only One”

  1. About the same.

    Ammo I am cutting back on for the time being, but that is for many reasons aside from inflation.

  2. Yup. Even mention this in a blogpost for this Friday. I bought the Obama-Panic-Buy gun before the panic. Just after the Democrat convention, after Camp Perry. Just because i suspected if Obama won it would be hard to get the M1A I had wanted for some time.

    Plus I was poor, so just the one pistol. Which is good for that, too, as SIG discontinued the specific SAS DAK P229 model.

  3. I have not made any new purchases! I probably do have more ammo in the safe than ever before.

  4. i didn’t buy anything from a store this year…i picked up a historic rifle from a friend, but all my “gun money” went to the two AR uppers i ordered back in January.

    i finally got the second one in November.

  5. Hmm.. I picked up a few things, mostly rimfire, one Father’s Day gift for Dad, but nothing panic stoked.

  6. I try to add at least one gun a year, but this past year I am ahead of the game with three new additions.

  7. I bought an ex-sniper M91/30 in January and that has been it. Firearms are, to me, discretionary purchases and money for those sort of purchases has been a bit of an issue this year.

  8. My firearms purchases are directly related to how much side work I bring in to pay for what I want. This year I’m planning on a .380 Bersa for my wife and a CZ-P-07 for me, and if I get more work, I want to get new sights and replace the upper on my AR and a scope for my sporterized Springfield.

  9. I bought the 20-yr old used Sig P220 because I wanted a non-collectible .45acp in case something happened, then I bought the .22LR upper but have not yet fired it…

  10. I was part of the Obama gun buying frenzy. Afraid there was going to be an AWB, I bought the AR-15 I’ve been wanting for years. But … I bought it at a fair price, and while it wasn’t the exact model I wanted it was a great starting place. And if it weren’t for Obama being elected I probably still wouldn’t have it.

    So while I did buy a gun as part o fthe panic I don’t regret it at all. It was the only gun I bought all year (though most years I buy none) and I bought very little ammo (just some for the AR — the rest I shot i pulled from my stockpile of bulk purchases past).

  11. Back in April 2007, when I (like everyone else) thought it was gonna be Mrs. Prez. Clinton, I started buying rifles and handguns. This was finished a couple of months before the election. I got my minimum ammo stores (1000 rounds/rifle, 2k handgun) done the week before the Inauguration.

    Since then, I’ve bought only ammo, and only when the price wasn’t insane. I have brass and bullets, but I’m down to less than 2K of CCI#34, 1K of CCI#200, and some Remmie 9-1/2 in terms of primers. Powder isn’t a problem, at least around here and for what I buy.

  12. Bought 3. A c70, 190 Winchester and a phoenix arms hp22. Just to play and tinker with.

  13. I bought a 1907 Spanish Mauser at a gun show in March. I tend to do such things no matter who is in office though so about the only way you could tie it to Obama scare was that no one else was buying hundred year old rifles, instead opting for the latest AR offering, leaving it for me.

  14. No ’09 was a year to sell or upgrade when the opportunities arose. Made no profits but cleared the safe of stuff I don’t shoot for some very nice scopes and gear.

  15. Only One new gun this year, a browning superposed choked skeet 1 and skeet 2, manufactured by FN in the 60s. Like FatWhiteMan, not an obama-scare purchase just the right price for the right gun.

  16. Think only 3 this year. One for me, one for my wife, and the kid got his first .22. However, I did stack my ammo a LOT deeper this year.

  17. Not nearly as many as in past years, but what I did get tended to have more zeros in the price. Quality over quantity.

  18. Rough counts:

    3 rifles in .22LR (sold one)
    1 rifle in .50 BMG
    2 pistols in 9mm – 1 with .22LR conversion kit
    3 full-autos – a Thompson and 2 Rugers (AC-556)

    Ammo stacks to eye level – various calibers.

    Looks like I’ve been slacking off. I really need to pick up the pace in 2010!

  19. I only bought two, my P220ST and a 2nd P228. I went a little crazy buying in 2008 though.

    I did buy quite a bit of ammo throughout the great 2009 Gun Rush. I grabbed up stuff whenever I could find good deals.

  20. Didn’t have anything (directly) to do with the Gun Salesman of the Year, but finally got off my butt and jumped through the hoops to get myself and my wife pistols in the Great Garden State. Would have bought a rifle (.22 boltie, for the fun); but that ended up being complicated.

  21. Err, seeing as I really got into guns this year (thanks, Barry!), I bought quite a few.

    Don’t worry, the national average is up, and we have 364 days to make up for 2009.

    /For every gun you don’t buy, I’ll buy three.

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