How Fast Are Magazines Selling?

See this from Brownells. The panic buying is good, I think, because it’s encouraging manufacturers to run flat out as fast as they can. If there’s a ban with grandfathering, it’ll be essentially meaningless because there will be too many of them out there. If there’s no grandfathering, there will be so many of them out there, it’ll be hard to argue they aren’t in “common use.” If the Court was serious about that test, none of what we’re threatened with should stand. But it could be years before we get to the Supremes, and who knows if the Court will change.

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  1. 3.5 years worth of magazine sales in 3 days. Let’s see… that would be about 43,000% above normal. That’s a pretty good stimulus. It’s amazing what the government can do for the economy in just a few days if it just hands the problem over to Joe Biden.

  2. I would classify this as a “we’re winning” moment, except it’s not unless every single person who orders a magazine sends a letter to Congress and two letters to the Senate. If they don’t do that, then we aren’t winning. In fact, if they aren’t sending letters, then it’s likely bad news for our community because these are people who will be more likely to take the attitude of “I got mine, screw you all” when it comes down to a fight.

    And I have little faith that the courts would do much for us. By the time something like this could make it to the SCOTUS, even fast tracked, Obama will likely have 1-2 more appointments on the bench. One of them could easily be a Heller 5 replacement. Not to mention, we may not have the perfect set up we did in something like Heller because Obama has had 4 years to fill the rest of the federal bench.

    1. You have a good point, but how many politicians will read this sort of activity like the misattributed quote of Yamamoto Isoroku, architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor (and much else):

      I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

      How many of them got “enough” letters, phone calls, etc. before being turned out of office in 1994? What about Speaker Foley, first Speaker of the House to lose since the Civil War era, who it was jested had to start lobbying for the American Sprayed Cheese Manufacturer’s Association…. (OK, he eventually had a stint as Ambassador to Japan as is the pattern, but it was a stunning defeat and he was fairly radioactive for a while.) Are the Democrats still bitter about losing to Bush in 2000?

      I take from Reid’s platitudes saying nothing that there’s some institutional memory in the party. And we all know what forming a commission on a thorny issue means in D.C.

    2. This x 1000
      We need to be flooding their inbox and snail-mail every day. Contact anyone you know that has even a remote interest in shooting or hunting even if all they do is bow hunt or shoot trap. This isn’t the end game for the gun grabbers it is just the first step. We must all stand together and really rattle some politicians. Give them plenty of warning that heads will roll if even one anti-gun bill gets through. However on a brighter note most of the anti-gun groups were on life support prior to last Friday. If we can shut them down now I think we will see them go away for the most part.

  3. I went to a few local stores. There were no AR’s in sight if you exclude consignment sales. I’m kinda glad I stocked up on M855 and XM193 back in September/October.

    What I do find odd though is that 7.62×39 russian stuff is still rather easy to comes across.

  4. Monday I ordered 9 magazines for my service rifle. Tuesday and Wednesday I sent out a bunch of letters and made a phone call to the Michigan Governor’s office.

    (Gov. Snyder voted down a Senate Bill that would have allowed concealed carry in schools, churches, and hospitals, with additional training.) The guy I talked to at the governor’s office was articulate and knowledgeable, and he had been getting an earful all day long from folks who feel like I do. Don’t worry, I represented our side well, and didn’t yell….

    –Matt in Michigan

  5. Idon’t know….maybe they should be retooling to start pumping out ten round magazines. No more 30 round mag,no big deal…3 ten rounders should be QS.

  6. 3 1/2 years of inventory????

    That’s an insanely costly amount of inventory for a company to carry.

    The power of government to distort business.

  7. Went to the local range/store I usually shoot at the other day(lanes very busy, but moving nicely), and after taking care of what I’d come for I wandered over to the sales side.

    Which involved getting past the several-people-deep lines in front of all three guys doing NICS paperwork for buyers.

    There were three AK variants left on a rack. AR variants? None. New or used. Was told NO magazines left, and they were out of 5.56/223 ammo. There were lots of bolt and semi-auto traditional-looking hunting and target rifles, lots of shotguns, but EBRs were either gone or about to disappear. And handguns on the shelves were starting to thin out a lot.

    Also, at the reloading counter their Federal rep was there delivering some stuff and spoke a minute with him; he said he thinks the ammo situation is likely to look- at least- like a few years back, maybe worse so far as “I can’t find any!” As in a group had asked him “If we make this big order and pay up front, can you be sure of delivery within six months?” “No.” HUGE backorders on everything, including .22.

    Somehow, I don’t think this is the kind of result the hoplophobes and gun bigots wanted

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