Layoffs at Federal During the Great Obama Gun Rush?

I have to share SayUncle’s puzzlement over Federal Cartridge letting some workers idle.  I bought TD’s FAL not too long ago, and have yet to shoot it because I can’t find anyone who will sell me .308 at a reasonable price (other than the steel jacketed crap I can’t shoot at my club), and I’ve checked a few places online, and a gun show.  I say they need to hire those folks back and get loading.

7 thoughts on “Layoffs at Federal During the Great Obama Gun Rush?”

  1. Maybe this would be a good time to get into reloading. The ammo may be scarce but the cases, primers, powder and bullets are available. They have also gotten expensive, though. I keep thinking that has to change because lead, copper, tin, antimony, sulphur, etc. prices have come down.

  2. I do reload, even have a .308 die set. But the brass I ordered is on backorder, as it comes pre-attached to bullet, and filled with primer and powder.

    I may just have to order some .308 brass and load myself.

  3. The steel jacketed Portugese surplus isn’t crap, it’s one of the best loads around.

    Buy some anyway, just to have!


  4. Usually when I see something and I immediately think “this is very stupid looking and makes no sense,” I have to pause and realize that there’s a critical piece of information that is not available to me.

    I think it is one of two things:

    – Federal (ATK) is smart enough to realize that the current demand surge is unsustainable and is pre-planning for the “other side of the mountain”

    – Federal (ATK) knows something we don’t about pending legislation and is prepping ahead of it.

    There are certainly other possibilities.

  5. Looking at the article, maybe it’s that Federal had a backlog and these folks were more like temporary workers hired until Federal could get back on track. Maybe Federal has gotten new equipment (either more or upgraded) and have caught up with their expected demand, with manufacturing more based on this new equipment not being efficient.

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