Thursday News Dump

Do I have enough for a news dump? I guess we’ll see. Yesterday was a club meeting, and I expected it to be a particularly contentious one. We also introduced ourselves to the leaders of a local pro-gun movement upstart here in the County on Monday, so time has been scarce. But I’ll give a news dump a good college try:

Gun Culture 2.0 is breaking out all over.

Ignorance can be deadly.

Fear of just about everything. In the taxonomy of gun control supports, you have the fearful, and the condescending. Sure, there are the concerned Americans, but they are a rarer member of the genus.

3D Printer Maker speaks at SXSW. Gun control is an obsolete concept. Clayton Cramer notes a rapidly expanding supply of STL files.

All your base… We are everywhere.

The AR-15 and CT gun companies.

More attacks on SAFE, and about 40 folks in Clinton County turn out to support a resolution denouncing SAFE.

The ammo shortage is not, repeat not, a conspiracy.

Obama is bringing up the armor piercing bullets canard again.

Mark Kelly tries to turn in his AR to the cops, well, how it might go if he really tried. Apparently he also does not know it’s unlawful to sell a gun to someone in another state.

We’ve here in America have eaten all the birds, and constantly drink coffee made from snow. I’m going to guess both of these are common practice in North Korea.

Utah scores dead last in Brady rankings, but how does its crime compared to California?

Apparently the IL governor and Attorney General are at odds as to whether to appeal the 7th circuit ruling to the Supreme Court.

And don’t forget, today the Senate Judiciary Committee will be taking up the Wicked Witch of the West’s gun ban. UPDATE: The danger of posting ahead. Already reported out of Committee, though it wasn’t when I wrote this.

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  1. I haven’t seen snow in years, and I’m tired of eating birds. Fuck this I’m going to pizza hut.

    ~It’s great to be free and foreign propaganda is HILARIOUS.

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