Thursday News Dump

A news dump, because sometimes there’s more news than you can talk about:

This is a great example of why smart guns aren’t such a hot idea. There might be times when I was someone who isn’t me to use my gun.

Rural Democrats in Minnesota squeezed.

3D Printers are close to changing the ballgame.

Governor Quinn in Illinois is very unpopular, so much so that he may draw a primary challenger.

We are united. He’s right. I was young when we had the last fight, but even I remember a lot of hunters being pretty vocal that we’d be better off without those kinds of guns making us look bad; making us look like Rambo. Notice also that this time, Ruger and Smith & Wesson are fighting with us.

The Chicago Tribune doesn’t know their ass from a sling mount.

Larry Correia on Mike Huckabee.

Obama spins off Obama for America as a 501(c)(4) to help push his second term agenda, and we all know what that entails. The OFA machine beat Mitt Romney, and he’s counting on it beating NRA too.

6 thoughts on “Thursday News Dump”

  1. Notice also that this time, Ruger and Smith & Wesson are fighting with us.

    Notice also that both Ruger and Smith & Wesson now produce “those kinds of guns.” To me, that shift in corporate philosophy is what laid the foundation for those two companies being on our side this time.

  2. I’m 65, and I carried an M16 during part of my tour in Viet Nam. 20 years ago, there were many hunters who had no experience with the AR15 and who viewed as an exotic weapon. Now, even old farts like me see it as a commonplace bit of hardware.

  3. The OFA didn’t win the election…
    the progressive corporate-government axis won it through near complete control of media.

    1. How about “all of the above”, and irregardless, the MSM too are our sworn enemies and are working mightily right now to crush us.

      But that’s always been true (well, for long enough), and the MSM’s power is waning somewhat; it remains to be seen what OFA brings to the table without Obama running at the top of the ticket in a national election, but it could be significant.

  4. OFA is a threat but Romney’s candidacy, lack of “fight” and the 3 million GOP voters who stayed home beat Romney.

    Folks are FAR more fired up about this than the Romney candidacy.

  5. The quip about Pat Quinn in Illinois is a red herring. It doesn’t make a bit of difference who is governor, or what party they are from. The Democrats have completely gerrymandered the districts to the point where they now have a super-majority in both the house and the senate. Any action taken by the governor to veto bills that the Chicago Machine wants will be quickly over-ridden.

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