Emergency Action in Illinois Needed

Behind the scenes, while everyone is focusing on what’s reporting out of the Judiciary Committee in the federal Senate, things in Illinois have been heating up very quickly, and now they need to hear from gun owners there, once again.

The fight is over a magazine ban. A ten round magazine ban limit was defeated on a house floor vote by 57-59, which is a real squeaker. This bill had no grandfathering. Now the leadership are trying to come up with the votes to get it done, and it’s a very fluid situation. We need people to light em up and flood their phone banks and e-mail servers.

3 thoughts on “Emergency Action in Illinois Needed”

  1. As a part time Illinoisan, who pays income tax to them at least, I sent my letter to my legislators.

    It’s about time they shut those gun control fanatics down for good. Illinois has been under the rule of Chicago Democrats for much too long.

    –Matt R.

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