National Coffee Day

According to my favorite state government reporter, it’s National Coffee Day today. Normally, I could care less. The only coffee we ever drink is the stuff from Starbucks that probably has some coffee in it, but you wouldn’t know with all of the other crap they put in it. At least until recently.

When we announced we were headed to the Big Island, a friend from NRA mentioned that her father owned a coffee farm where he grows, processes, and sells his own coffee. We made it out there on our last full day on the island, and indulged in a couple of bags. We bought one to try out ourselves, assuming that we’d use it for things like ice cream or other decidedly non-coffee culinary adventures. Instead, this coffee has turned us into weekend coffee drinkers. We went out and bought a french press since we didn’t have a coffee maker (but we did own a coffee grinder!). Every weekend morning now has a new tradition – getting up and having a cup and a half of delicious Kona coffee.

13 thoughts on “National Coffee Day”

  1. Yay! And NRA-approved too! That’s right down the street from the place we found, Hula Daddy coffee. I liked it better than the big coffee places that were down towards Captain Cook.

  2. We passed that on our way there. I don’t think Cuppa Kona normally has visitors like us, but we were appreciative of the hospitality and the chance to buy some coffee for family & friends. When we had some ourselves, I figured we should tell others since they sell online. I seriously never thought I would like coffee without enough cream, sugar, and other flavors to weaken it so much it could only be considered a coffee-like creation. But this is pretty good, and I could see ordering more when we run out. (We ended up keeping the full pound bag for ourselves.) :)

    That said, I’m not going to give up on the coffee-like creations. After having a Coconut Mocha Frap at Starbucks out there, I’m convinced that’s a bit of heaven on earth. Liquid Mounds bar – with caffeine!

    1. It was also something small that wouldn’t take up valuable counter space. :) It makes a cup at a time, which works out well for us.

  3. He has a vacation rental too, if you’re looking for a place to stay on the Big Island. We saw it. It was pretty nice.

  4. Obviously, you don’t watch Alton Brown. It’s used as a spice grinder 90% of the time. We now buy our spices whole so they last longer and then grind them as we need them.

  5. That’s what I loved about living in Costa Rica: Stores there are forbidden by law to sell anything other that arabica coffee.

    If you’re ever in the country, take the Café Britt tour.

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