Feinstein’s Gun Ban On the Floor

The New York Times reports the semi-auto ban has passed out of committee on a party line vote:

“The road is uphill. I fully understand that,” said Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, the sponsor of the bill, after its passage in the committee. “My passion comes from what I’ve seen on the streets,” she said, adding, “I cannot get out of my mind trying to find the pulse in someone and putting my fingers in a bullet hole.”

Hey, you know what millions of law abiding American gun owners did not do? Shoot Harvey Milk. Well, folks, now we have a floor fight on our hands. These are dangerous times we live in. Apparently Ted Cruz really went after Feinstein.

UPDATE: More from John Richardson, who has details on the Amendment game being played by the GOP.

21 thoughts on “Feinstein’s Gun Ban On the Floor”

  1. So, basically, little Miss “PTSD was invented by Bush” is using her own PTSD as an excuse to implement a tyranny.

    I think it’s long past time for her to get counselling, not more power.

  2. I thought she got a carry permit after what she saw on the streets. Confusing.

    I hope it comes to a vote so everyone is on the record by the 2014 cycle.

  3. Is this a case of dogs gnashing their teeth, or is this a legitimate concern?

    True, I find it disturbing, as many of you do. But I also must wonder how far this thing can actually get. Time will tell, of course.

    I am bringing popcorn and lawn chairs. You will need to provide your own drinks. ;)

    1. If anything the tenacity of the remaining anti-gun left is adding more NRA members to the ranks, more guns in the hands of private citizens at a faster rate, and more opposition to the shrill demands.

      Unfortunately it looks like the AR-15 supply and ammo will continue to be tapped out while this kind of talk happens in Washington.

    2. Any time something hits the floor it’s a big deal. It’s possible to stop, however, and hand them a defeat. But take it seriously and be sure to communicate with your Senators.

      1. Yeah,it is a big deal. I am right now trying to imagine the republicans allowing this to pass the House of Representatives. Nope, don’t see it happening.

        1. I wouldn’t go quite that far, Jerry. Pressure needs to be applied. I agree with you insofar that the AWB will come down to party line votes and has the easiest chance of dying. The MSM is also reporting that Feinstein truly is going for broke in not separating “high capacity magazine” prohibitions from the AWB itself.

          I also think the record keeping requirement will be a show stopper for many Republicans who may support universal background checks.

          But the bottom line is they won’t know how we feel about it unless we tell them.

          Sebastian… I have contacted both U.S. senators via snail mail and have also hand written personal letters to both of them and handed them to their staffers when I visited their DC offices personally. Anything else you would suggest?

          1. Of course keep the pressure up. But an AWB passing the house? Boehner would never allow it. For all his faults, he won’t let that happen. As you said, not seperating the various restrictions will be this bills downfall. I have been wrong before, but I cannot see the GOP going for this.

      2. Agreed. I apologize if my tongue-in-cheek humor was construed as ambivalence or apathy. We do have a voice, of course, and by God these people do work for us.

        Long Live the Republic, indeed.

  4. Watching the video at the NYT link makes me want to vomit.

    Feinstein is a complete bobble head. I’ve seen more intelligent Pez dispensers

    Grandstanding and hyperbole is all she’s got. She goes for as much mileage as she can. “…Children’s bodies dismembered…”

    Ugh. Just ugh. My future is being determined by a, what, 80 year old blubbering vagina?

    1. Apparently, a bazooka is a close-combat weapon used by the military that Americans can easily buy. Feinstein is truly amazing.

        1. Now is the fuel for it napalm or an air mixture? Because then it should be legal to make your own napalm. (I say should with a sarcastic tone.)

        2. Not only are they legal, they are 100% completely unregulated (at least on the federal level). Despite being “arms that use fire”, the legal definition of “firearm” is such that they’re not covered by any federal laws.

  5. And you know what Milk was shot with? A revolver.
    Don’t you love people lying about their reasons.

      1. And do you know the occupation the murderer had when he killed Milk? Politician.

  6. I suspect that when this bill gets to the house, boner the weeper will huddle with piglosi and come out with something like “We have to pass it so we can read it”.

    It would be nice if Ted Cruz and a few of his friends would start tacking amendments on the bill that would repeal some of the more odious anti-constitutional, anti-gurights laws that have been passed by earlier lawbreakers..

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