Quote of the Day: Racism Edition

From Brady Board member Joan Peterson, in reference to this ad run by NRA:

Plus, the NRA has thought of a cynical new way to make angry white guys more afraid of Black people with guns by encouraging people of color to arm themselves.

I don’t understand why I’m supposed to be afraid of black people with guns. I’ve been around armed Black Americans at matches Joan, and never thought much of it. I’m afraid of criminals with guns, and I believe all Americans have a right to arm themselves for self-protection, as is guaranteed by our Constitution. So who’s the racist here, Joan? You’re the one that said I should be afraid, and you’re the one that thought such a thought, so who’s the racist in this debate?

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  1. OK, so let me get this straight. We’re supposed to be unreasonably afraid of Black people with guns, and therefore, we’re encouraging more Black people to get guns? Yeah, that makes all the sense in the world.

    Seriously, this woman is mentally ill. As in wandering-the-streets-talking-to-buildings mentally ill. I have no idea how she hasn’t been institutionalized.

  2. Her comment makes no sense. If they NRA thought their demographic was all racists, they wouldn’t have a black guy in their ads.

    She’s just scared because its a brilliant move by the NRA. It takes away from their trope that gun owners are all OWM.

    1. And he’s getting attacked by the ‘tolerant’ liberals too, I guess he’s not a real black man if he doesn’t toe the line.

      1. Of course not! Minorities that reject the Progressive narrative are Uncle Toms. Oreos (black on the outside, white on the inside). Bananas (yellow on the outside, white on the inside for Asians). Minorities must reject neither the Progressive narrative, not their proper role in that narrative of the grateful recipients of Big Government largess delivered by the Democratic Party.

        Is it a coincidence that the Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow in the past, and Progressive programs that whose effect is to keep minorities poor and dependent (i.e. on the urban plantation)? I think not.

        I have always seen the Progressive disdain for minorities that take a principled stand against Progressive ideology to be a subtle, but pervasive, racism.

        1. Is it a coincidence that the Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow in the past, and Progressive programs that whose effect is to keep minorities poor and dependent (i.e. on the urban plantation)? I think not.

          All the Democrats did was shift from using force against blacks to using bribery and Judas goats like Jackson. They’ve — sadly, tragically — convinced too many people that the plantation is a safer place than standing for themselves.

  3. But, let’s not pretend that because racism in our ranks isn’t as widespread as our enemies would try to paint us, that it is non-existent. We need to recognize where it exists and deal with it, because it creates a hidden agenda that conflicts with our cause.

    I’m repeating stories I’ve told before, but, a small delegation of us who were resisting some legislation that amounted to Gun Control Lite were invited to come to Harrisburg to meet with two Republican state representatives, who had good reputations as “Friends of Sportsmen,” to be lobbied to support their Get Tough on Crime, Gun Control Lite legislation. The approach they used was to regale us with horror stories about what [n-words] with guns had done to pretty little blonde-haired, blue-eyed convenience store attendants. We were unmoved by such tales, but I have pondered ever since, why legislators who didn’t know us from Adam and Company, apparently assumed because we were gun rights advocates, we would be moved by their [n-word] language and sordid stories of interracial victimhood?

    In addition I have had significant gun rights advocates confide in me that they didn’t support Constitutional Carry for our state, because “We have too many [n-words] and spics and dirtballs, so it could never work here.”

    The latter example makes the point, not only that such people with such attitudes are present among us, but their presence is detrimental to the progress of our cause. Anyone who doesn’t want equal gun rights for all citizens, basically doesn’t believe in gun rights, regardless of what other credentials they may have as Real Gunnies.

    1. I don’t think you’ll find groups that don’t have racists in it. Hating people who are different than you seems to be an unfortunate dark side of human nature.

      1. “Have you exposed the idiots who used that language? Why not?”

        Quite simply, because it is unprovable. In the case of the visit with the legislators, the best I could do would be to scare up one other person who was there, and quite frankly, I don’t know whether it is an issue he’d care to “get involved” with. It would be accusing people who have a wide circle of supporters among our people.

        But I need to emphasize my primary concern is the existence of hidden agendas, undercutting our efforts with the RKBA, and/or, the use of the RKBA only as a decoy to attract people to support other agendas.

        When an activist confides, in effect, that they have a problem with expanding the RKBA too much, because it would extend to scary people of other races, it plainly and simply means they are resisting the full expansion of all of our rights.

        With regard to using the RKBA as a “decoy” issue, I’d invite anyone to look into the full spectrum of what some of the “best gun rights legislators” in the state of PA have put their energies into while in office, and see what issues they have approached with passion and creativity (e.g., creating national organizations of state legislators focused on those issues; filing lawsuits to block progress on other issues they oppose; etc.) as compared to the efforts they have dedicated to the RKBA; e.g., lifting canned legislation from the ALEC playbook to introduce. (Not that that is necessarily bad, but it is relatively effortless.)

  4. lemme see, I work to get Otis McDonald treated like a regular citizen, and I’m afraid of him?

    I worked to get Shawn Gowder a lawyer and fought to get him his chicago permit when they refused and Im affraid of him.

    Me thinks Ms panty knots needs to up her dosage of prozac. This is just another indication we are winning when us white rednecks are working to get the rights of black americans re-enstated, while the uber white progressives want to keep the black man dissarmed.

    1. “uber white progressives want to keep the black man dissarmed”

      For his own good, at that. How insulting is that? I can’t understand why blacks and other minorities tolerate it.

  5. Joan Peterson is offensively stupid and stupidly offensive – all at the same time. Her only accomplishment.

  6. The charge of racism is the admission that your argument has no merit.

    So, Joan, are you both a racist and a hoplophobe? Ouch!

    (Maybe that’s why she hates Evil Black Rifles so much).

  7. I remember a conversation I had with a gay man (a liberal) one time. I don’t remember how the conversation turned to guns. But I made a comment along the lines of how it’s no more crazy to arm yourself against possible government violence against citizens than it would be for gays to arm themselves against a government attempt to round up gay people.

    Now, I know both things are unlikely, but because it touched on something primal for him, he had a moment of understanding what the “other side” of the debate might be feeling. It broke through the “they are paranoid wackos” instinct he had regarding pro-gun people. Because in the end, it’s not about paranoia–it’s about protecting what is important to you. I don’t know if he changed his mind, in the end, but we had a nice, reasonable chat about guns afterward and he was actually open-minded about it and understanding.

    Truth is, African Americans probably have more cause for being concerned about personal safety given the crime statistics. Put me down as thinking the NRA is on the right course here. Only, I think they could go even further and appeal to other minorities as well.

    1. Back in 1992 I was ferrying the Libertarian Party presidential candidate around the Philadelphia area while he was campaigning here, and one of the stops was a gay radio talk show (Gay Dreams?) in the city. While I was waiting during the interview, a couple of the gay activists described a situation that had existed quite recently at the time; in their words “Italian kids would drive up to Center City in their I-ROCs and beat up gays they found walking alone on the street.” The Philadelphia police were unresponsive to their communities complaints. Finally, the gay community created its own “granny squads,” and after they ambushed and beat the living crap out of several groups of gay-hunting thugs, the police decided it was time to intervene, and protect everyone. Gays getting beaten was OK, but “mainstream” residents getting hurt was not acceptable.

      My point in that story being, I’m pretty sure the gays who lived that story have a higher than average appreciation of the occasional emergence of the need for violent self-defense.

      And, a sub-theme that “Direct Action Brings Satisfaction.”

  8. Didn’t Joan recently testify for gun control bills before the MN legislature? Was her testimony there as loony-tunes as her blog posts?

  9. So Joan thinks “People of Color” should not be Armed?

    Does that include the Skeet Shooter-in-Chief?

  10. Oh come on. How could you think she’s racist. She capitalized the “B” didn’t she?

  11. This is exactly what turned me away from the left. I remember it clearly. John Stewart mocked Sarah Palin for being a woman. He didn’t attack her ideas, or her stupid statements, or her policy record. He attacked her for having a vagina, then continued to belittle her by mocking her outfit, daughters, etc.

    I don’t like hypocrisy and the blatant hatred leftists hold for conservative women and minorities is terrible. I call it the “nuts and sluts” treatment for conservative women (slur them as insane prostitutes) or the Uncle Tom treatment for minorities.

    I’d love to see the GOP put up someone like Nikki Haley (minority female conservative) for national office just to see the left froth at the mouth.

    Democrats were the party of Jim Crow and they opposed the 13th Amendment. I’ve been trolling on social media by asking, “So, can anyone name any time when the Democratic party supported the idea of letting a black woman buy and carry a modern firearm around town?”

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