Racist Gun Buyers

Kurt Hoffman tells us about a news story in the Chicago Tribune that suggests that the reason we’re buying up assault weapons is because we’re afraid of a black man as commander-in-chief.

I am afraid of Obama, not because he’s black, but because he proposes to ban assault weapons.  They will never give us the courtesy of admitting that our actions might be rational.  Nope.  We’re just f**king nuts, and that’s about all there is to it.  Just those crazy, cousin humping, racist rednecks acting up against.  Tsk tsk.

13 thoughts on “Racist Gun Buyers”

  1. The left focuses on race because their Big Hammer is Identity Politics – it’s the wedge they always use to break apart society into little atomic groups – and like a guy with a hammer everything looks like a nail to them. In Leftist symbology it’s all a racial: means-of-production somethignorother. When you think about it slavery is the ultimate ad-reducto in their whole philosophical underpinning – “Owing the Means Of Production” (slaves) is racist too. Except in cases and cultures where slaves were not “differently colored.” Then it’s swept under the big rug. LOL

  2. I don’t give a flying fig what anyone else thinks who hasn’t actually met me. Neither do I owe ’em an explanation for what I buy and/or don’t buy. I commend those thoughts to you.


  3. Whitey is buying guns because Obama is going to ban them, so we’re getting them while we can; not because he’s a black man in power. But Obama was “The One” who played the race card first in the election, and it’s clear that many of his acolytes believe that Obama didn’t win equal citizenship for them, but won a mandate to push Whitey to the back of the bus. Gun control has racist roots stemming from the Slave Codes, and later, the Black Codes. Is Obama being racist by banning Whitey’s guns? We won’t give them up, and if those racists on the other side want a race war, they’d best be careful what they wish for: they just may get it.

  4. I’m not afraid of Hussein because he is black (although he’s not really); I’m afraid of him because he is red.
    And I’m buying stuff because anybody with half a brain(and I can prove I certainly have half a brain; I work for the .gov) KNOWS BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that he and his sycophants will do whatever they can to gut the Second Amendment.

    And I predict here that their first move will involve imports of foreign surplus ammunition.

  5. Sebastian, why are you afraid to point out that Obama started this racist garbage. All I said was some of Obama’s supporters have expressed “race war” sentiments, and we will defend if they actually bring it. I did NOT say that we are buying them because Obama is black. I said we are buying them before Obama bans them. If what I said makes me racist to you, then we have different definitions of racism.

  6. Has Obama ever said he wants to ban “Whitey’s” guns? Is there any indication he plans gun control that only applies to white people? Has he ever mentioned a race war? Or do you speak of other people who mentioned race wars, who now are apparently speaking for all blacks, including Obama? Just like David Duke speaks for all whites?

  7. Good point, Sebastian. No, Obama himself has not said “ban Whitey’s guns”. He himself has not used the words “race war”. And I did not mean to imply that all blacks feel that way; they don’t, not by a long shot. But one commentator who is black did use the words “race war” and I believe that Obama’s campaign did throw the race card when some people questioned “The One’s” character or policies. I can’t remember who they were, though.

    I agree with you on this point, Sebastian: there are bigots in both races. I have no use for them no matter which side of the issue they’re on, and I strongly dislike it when either of them start calling for a race war. Please be aware that I’M not calling for one. I would only defend myself against the bigots who would bring it to me.

    Obama is looking to ban guns, period, and it doesn’t matter whose hands they are in. “Banning Whitey’s guns” was meant as a question, but not as an accusation. Perhaps that wasn’t a good one to ask.

  8. When the jackboot comes down on my neck, Does anyone think I’ll be giving a flying fig what color the foot inside is?

  9. From what I’ve seen here in Central Texas, the rush on gun purchases is coming from every race & ethnic group. It’s not racism driving it, it’s fear of the looney left now coming into power.

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