11 thoughts on “You’re Racist”

  1. I carry a gun because I am afraid of trashy ghetto thugs. Yes, probably 99.99% of the dangerous thugs I’m likely to encounter are black, but this is because I live in an urban area.

    I do not carry a firearm out of fear that I might cross paths with Bryant Gumball or Wayne Brady. It’s behavior that I fear, not race.

  2. Otis MacDonald actually did get a gun because he was sacred of black people. I don’t think that helps Moore’s case, however.

  3. That’s funny. Michael Moore doesn’t look black. But him, and his followers, are the reason I keep a gun.

  4. Michael Moore is not only mistaken on this issue … he can go f*** himself.

    Is that civil enough?

  5. That’s OK, Michael Moore doesn’t like me anyway, and I don’t give his lunatic rantings much…

    … weight.

  6. I read a book a long time ago that described that sort of thinking as “mind rape”. The person self-servingly dictates to you what your motivation is, and you’re not allowed to disagree. This is no surprise – it’s the sort of thing that a Marxist subversive like Michael Moore would do.
    I guess that if we only own guns because we’re racists, then it’s okay to send us to death camps to be killed. What a guy.

  7. So people who live in areas with low murder rates, where lots of people legally own and carry firearms, shouldn’t have them because the murder rate isn’t high enough. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I could have sworn that is what he said. This guy comes off even dumber live than in his scripted and edited movies.

  8. I was only able to sit through his idiotic babble for about halfway through the clip; how did this blithering douchebag ever get so popular? Only a brainless moonbat could put up with the stream of drivel that spews out of his mouth every time he talks.

  9. While back had someone I’d considered a friend and smart flatly announce “People who buy guns are afraid a black man is going to break into their house.” Absolutely no possibility of error in her mind, so i didn’t ask her if that included all the black/brown/yellow/mixed gun owners out there.

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