Not a Winning Issue for the Prez

Gallup polls shows most Americans do not approve of Obama’s gun policies. Is everyone stocked up enough on booze for the State of the Union tonight? You’re bound to hear more of it. I used to have to drink through Bush’s SOTU speeches too, because he was bloody awful at public speaking. Barry is at least good off a teleprompter, but the booze will help fight the urge to defenestrate my monitors* as I’m told I have to give up my rights for the President’s notion of the greater, collective good.

* Well, at least as long as my temporary office is up here three stories. When I move my office back to the basement, throwing electronics out the basement window wouldn’t be very satisfying, would it?

h/t Instapundit.

9 thoughts on “Not a Winning Issue for the Prez”

  1. Like for the word Booze.

    Flyers are on for me, so that’ll distract me. Though I booze it up sometimes when they are playing (like last night).

  2. If you click through to the Gallup’s site, I think there are far more interesting results when they break up the poll by self-identified party.

    Either way I won’t be watching the SOTU. I don’t think very highly of political grandstanding, and with Obama and liberal Senators asking “gun violence victims” to attend in droves, it is likely to be one of the worst SOTU’s of any president.

    I’ll be spending an enjoyable fat Tuesday evening with my family, playing games and enjoying good food.

  3. Spent the night watching the CO legislature strip me of a couple rights instead. NOT a good night in CO.

    Whereas the vast majority of speakers were against these bills, the committee ignored them and voted along party lines to push these two bills (universal background checks and 15rd magazine limits) forward. Tomorrow are two more (banning campus carry and taxing background checks) tomorrow. No point in watching those, given that they just rubber-stamped these.

  4. I spent my evening playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and drinking beer. I think it was a much better use of my time than watching/listening to the president prevaricate.

  5. I refuse to watch any speeches by a usurper to the office of President of the US of A..

    I will start watching them again when we have a legally sitting President, nothing this conman says means anything to me.

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