Robb Allen has a bit of Montana’s brief in Heller:

A collective rights decision by the court would violate the contract by which Montana entered into statehood, called the Compact With the United States and archived at Article I of the Montana Constitution. When Montana and the United States entered into this bilateral contract in 1889, the U.S. approved the right to bear arms in the Montana Constitution, guaranteeing the right of “any person” to bear arms, clearly an individual right.

There was no assertion in 1889 that the Second Amendment was susceptible to a collective rights interpretation, and the parties to the contract understood the Second Amendment to be consistent with the declared Montana constitutional right of “any person” to bear arms.

As a bedrock principle of law, a contract must be honored so as to give effect to the intent of the contracting parties. A collective rights decision by the court in Heller would invoke an era of unilaterally revisable contracts by violating the statehood contract between the United States and Montana, and many other states.

That sounds like secessh talk to me.  This will mean that quite possibly Montana will be the haven of shooters when The Messiah sends his jackbooted angels to give us the knock on the door.

SayUncle details other instances when Montana has told the feds to go to hell.  If Montana secedes from the union to preserve gun rights, I’ll move there.

8 thoughts on “Secession!”

  1. Weer’s Beard: When it’s ninja time, see to it that the ninjas invade an empty house. A taunting note left on the floor is optional.

    Why play defense when offense is so much more fun?

  2. I’m now seriously considering relocating to Montana after I finish college. I wonder if there are any good jobs there for people with degrees in Compute Science/Multimedia Stds….

  3. I often wondered what other state I would ever consider living in. Montana was the only one I came up with.

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