The Lies of the Other Side

Listen to this nonsense, and note that YouTube allows you to express disapproval of this video. I would encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, Reasoned Discourse is in full effect for comments, though I don’t honestly blame anyone for doing that on YouTube:

I guess I should be glad our opponents don’t heed the first lesson of conflict, which is to know your enemy. I used to think these people didn’t actually believe this stuff, and it was just spin designed to make Second Amendment rights seems freakish and out of the mainstream. But after having interacted with many of them on social media, many folks on the other side of the issue are utterly convinced everything here is truth. As I’ve said, NRA is a manifestation of the gun culture. The gun culture is not a manifestation of NRA. If NRA were working for the gun industry, they’d support ending private sales, because it drives more dollars to dealers, and by making guns harder and more costly to trade, drives people to newly manufactured firearms. The only reason the gun industry hasn’t gotten on board with this already is because we’ve gotten very talented, as a community, at rooting out and destroying the businesses of traitors.

I’d encourage everyone to spread this video far and wide and get people to give it a “thumbs down.”

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  1. The NRA would also support banning imports if all they cared about was domestic gun profits. That would be a huge boom for the industry. They would also support New York’s seven round magazine limit, because everyone will have to go out and buy new magazines that currently don’t exist in the used market to comply. I’ve had them tell me that opposing magazine bans is because companies profit from selling 30 round magazines. Ok, so why won’t they profit from selling 10 round magazines? It seems they would profit even more. “Corporate Profit” it a boogie-man term to rile up their base, but they are not even mentally walking through their basic talking points. Liberalism: the fear that some company somewhere is making money.

    1. One of the gospel beliefs on the left is that the N.R.A is an industry funded organization. They just can’t believe that it is a real grassroots organization with millions of dues paying members who vote for the Board of Directors in real elections. Perhaps this is because there are no real grassroots organizations on the left. That said, it’s kind of ironic the creator of this appalling video is MoveOn.Org
      George Soro’s astroturfed group.

  2. Couldn’t listen past 2:34 mark. Plus they disabled the “voting” feature.

  3. Good god. These people truly do not understand us at all. This type of half-assed hack job propaganda will only incentives people on our side to keep up the fight. My favorite part – the paid actress’ fake crying at the end…

  4. I too want to see a lot more dislikes there! Lots of PSH! The lie Midway making magazines followed by them being the largest industry contributor makes me laugh since I figure that is all customer donations through the add a buck program. It makes me laugh that these people dealt think the NRA is strong because of the industry when it’s really the grass roots. If anything this video will get more people to join the NRA.

  5. MidwayUSA

    Do they “make” magazines?

    Have you ever “added a buck” to your checkout total?

    I bet they are claiming midwayUSA consumers $1 added are from the “gun industry”.

  6. Man, the amount of sneering condescension in that video was impressive. I haven’t felt that talked to since, well…the election.

  7. Beginning at 5:37…Remind me again who’s doing the fear-mongering in this debate?

  8. These people I more stupid than they look .and there was no use of a bushmaster in the shooting in newtown .read the corners report and the police’s report .

    1. Thats not actually true. Even if it was, by presenting it as a conspiracy you lose credibility with the undecided voters we need.

      It is enough that we have a fundamental right and the infrequent acts of a few madmen and criminals can not justify laws that will be ineffective and will only penalize millions of law-abiding Americans.

  9. How can they say these things when the NRA has been in exsistence since 1871…..thats right over a hundrend years people. We of the NRA stand for lawful gun ownership and proper training of all firearms owners. I don’t understand what part of “….shall not be infringed” that they don’t understand or refuse to understand.

  10. Lol, 2nd rate propaganda from the left. I wouldn’t let these misinformed cretins pick up my spent brass. Their messiah, n his ilk are who drove gun sales to all time record highs, lol, thank ya kindly pilgrims.

  11. these people make me sick,why dont spend half as much time getting a budget. a 30 round mag is a standard mag. cant listen anymore want to puke

  12. Haha, they ‘suddenly’ disabled voting. Guess they didn’t like the results they got.

    1. Report them for hate speech. It’s that little “flag” icon. I’m sure there are other reasons for that video to be flagged, too.

      “Violates my rights” seemed like an appropriate one.

      Keep in mind — by going after the NRA, they’re going after our freedom of association.

  13. This INSISTENCE that everything they want is nothing more than “common sense” really sickitates me. But hey, the chick is really hot….

  14. I got all the way to where they brought up those bullshit statistics saying that NRA members hate freedom. After that I couldn’t watch it anymore.

  15. More people who want to shoot my dog, terrorize my family, and throw me in prison?

    I wonder what their full names and addresses are. We deserve to know, for the children (and our dogs). If they want me to register like a sex offender for exercising my 2A rights I want them to register for using their 1A rights.

  16. No comments, no ratings… the intrawebs version of covering your ears, closing your eyes and yelling “LA LA LA!”

  17. Seriously? Claiming the NRA is run by industry by claiming that Barrett, Brownell, and the mysterious Freedom group guy sit on their board?

    Have they even looked into some of the statements by Barrett on the 2nd Amendment?

    Notice how they use “percent increase” instead of real numbers. If the NRA gets 1 dollar in 2012 and 2 dollars in 2013, that’s a 100% increase!

    1. The freedom group guy isn’t on their board. He lost his bid for a seat. We questioned his candidacy here. It’s not that I have any issue with him being on the board, but I want to know what he brings to the table, and why he wants to be on the Board. He seemed to think he could buy his way on, which a lot of our people don’t appreciate.

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