Glad I’m Not the Only One

Says Tam:

I would only use my powers for Good. Such as calling in DPICM on those giant twenty-foot inflatable snowmen in people’s yards.

Yes. Bitter and I have been discussing whether it might be possible to train the local squirrel population to gnaw on these things. They seem to get bigger every year. One house on our street has one that could peer into the second story window. I kid you not. Fortunately, high winds have been keeping them at bay, which is good, because if a giant frosty goes floating by my window in the wind, it’s going to seriously freak me out.

My neighbor’s Santa Copter lighted lawn ornament is still in full display, and may be literally taking to the skies if the wind gets much worse around here. Hopefully Santa knows to give it some left pedal as he pulls up the the collective to avoid my car if he gets the proper clearance from the FAA.

5 thoughts on “Glad I’m Not the Only One”

  1. Ain’t nobody better be messin’ with my inflatables. Here in Colorado we have an “inflatable castle” doctrine … ’nuff said.

  2. I have to admit it. I love them!! After Christmas each year I grab another one. I get them for 20 bucks or less.

    Sorry to hear you hate them. But maybe my property is bigger?

    I also think if Mr.Snowman is peaking in your second floor window, he is peaking at Bitter anyway!! :)

    Merry Christmas you Scrooge!!

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