8 thoughts on “Even when they are actively proposing confiscation …”

  1. Remember: They say there was no confiscation in UK or Australia because it’s not confiscation if there is some sort of compensation and/or LE does not enter your home to seize them.

    But they can’t even use those evasions here!

  2. The fact that the other side of this argument believes that Jedi Mind Tricks work is not the most surprising thing they believe. I can understand all kinds of beliefs, but not the one that looks at the facts and chooses to ignore them wholesale…..

    –Matt R.

  3. Oh God. Speaking of which check out the latest lunacy from Joe Scarborough of MSNBC “morning joe”


    Not only does that douche repeatedly proclaim that “no one is going to take your guns, no one is going to take your handgun or shotgun”, after he himself spoke approvingly of the Australian gun ban which confiscated shotguns…

    … he also has the gall to blame the NRA for the current gun buying panic!

    Can a person, a NEWS person at that, really be that stupid and/or that openly dishonest? Is he really ignorant of the fact his very own efforts (along with his anti-gun confederates) to ban self-loading rifles and magazines are what is fueling the panic?

  4. I they leave us with our guns — but ban any new shooters from keeping and bearing them — THEY’VE TAKEN OUR GUNS. It just took a bit longer.

    Tyranny is ever patient.

  5. The mentally ill and the stupid really can hold two mutually exclusive ideas to BOTH simultaneously be true.

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