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  1. Best commentary, from Human Events author John Hayward in “CNN Host Obliterated During Interview Malfunction“:

    [Morgan] recoiled when Shapiro’s pocket copy of the
    Constitution came out, deriding it as “your little book.” I believe Count Dracula once had a similar conversation with Abraham van Helsing.

    Movement conservatives are only generically on our side, but many of them sure can write.

  2. The “waving your little book” comment was chocked full of sweet, sweet irony. The only better example of this type of irony was Andrew Sullivan telling Conservatives to leave the Tea Party and be more like the Tories.

  3. He comes off well, but I disagree with most of what he offers as solutions.

  4. He does a great job, but I have to deduct a few points for falling for Morgan’s rhetorical trap and refering to semi-automatic rifles as “assault rifles.”

    1. Eh, the definition of “assault rifle” has never been as strict as some would like to make it today for our political fights. Many of us used the term for semi-auto copies before Stockton, and in the other direction Switzerland’s previous service rifle was a selective fire battle rifle with a full power cartridge, in fact, weighing it at 12.57 pounds and with a standard 24 round magazine it was nearly a machine rifle. But the German name was Sturmgewehr 57, just like the Nazi Sturmgewehr 44 that got it all started.

      (Sturmgewehr -> storm rifle.)

    2. +1 Still I think some of his pretty soft points, like kowtowing to Morgan’s BS about “Assault Weapons”, caving on universal background checks, and letting him control the debate that “Assault Weapons” are the chosen tool of mass shooters, but also letting him use Columbine, The Arizona Mall, and Virginia Tech as reference points (where “Assault Weapons” weren’t used *well the Tec9 Pistol in Columbine was a BENIFIT to the victims, much like the FiveSeveN used in Ft. Hood, as a more effective pistol could have been used*), may have been a little soft.

      Still this is a BIG plus overall, as if a softie like him could dash Morgan against the rocks, what do you think a well-spoken hard-line 2nd Amendment person could have done?

  5. The most amusing thing was Piers’ “How dare you” shtick at the beginning of the show. He was clueless as to the fact that every time he said it, he was proving Shapiro’s point about bullying and demonizing. I wish Shapiro had pointed it out, but … well, it’s still amusing. Piers came off as incapable of offering a defense for his behavior, so he emoted–which is what liberals do when they can’t formulate a rational argument.

  6. I think he did well, but I worry about it. The “insurrectionist” argument isn’t going to win us undecideds- that’s what Morgan saw and why he was happy for Shapiro to explain. The sorts of people who vote for ever-larger expansion of government power(50.6% in November) aren’t going to buy it as a justification for AR’s at Walmart. It’s true, and it’s way better than anyone talking about hunting, but there’re a lot of true things that are not politically advantageous to close your argument with.

    1. I’m generally rather concerned about winning over undecideds and staying within the mainstream, but I don’t think that particular line of argument is problematic. A lot of people understand the Second Amendment to mean that.

      1. Fair enough. Best evocation of it I’ve heard in a long time, with the “my grandparents…” line.

      2. Agreed, Sebastian! And I think we and the NRA need to start educating people on that.
        Another thing, Shapiro could have added to the “defend from future government tyranny” statement was that every tyrannical government he cited began their tyranny by disarming their citizens with gun controls! That would have been dynamite!
        – Arnie

  7. I think Shapiro did a fabulous job. Morgan is an ignorant ape, and he was made to look it.

  8. I would suggest handling him as his Edward II is reputed to have been “handled”. Ouch! That’s hot!

    Seriously, Piers is the ultimate douchebag, and is giving us golden returns. Would you want him on OUR side? I think not. His name might as well be “Major Charles Emerson Winchester III”. He’s an eminently hateable jerk. That works for us. So, why did CNN pick him? They’re not as eminently hateable jerks as he is, so they envy and adore him. He represents them.

  9. As the saying goes, “If we didn’t have Piers Morgan, we’d have to invent him.” He’s like a Revolutionary War era British officer come back to life. I love it! Seeing him go head to head against Joshua Boston was like stepping back over two hundred years and seeing a simple continental soldier argue with a high-ranking British officer and win. It was like winning the Revolutionary War a second time. Wow.

  10. These are wondrous days.
    A simple ex-marine speaking truth to power for the people about the Second Amendment goes viral.
    The protestors I saw today at the gun show in Saratoga were wearing Gadsden flags as cloaks against the light rain.
    The Governor of New York shouts, and bellows, and ruins his political career as he makes a buffoon of himself in his annual State of the State address, in a vain attempt to ban some rifles, when all rifles combined are involved in only 0.65% of the murders in his state.
    That “ancient Chinese curse” that says, “May you live in interesting times”? It’s not so bad. It’s really not.
    These are wondrous days. How wondrous are they? Something like this:

    1. Don’t get cocky. Let’s not interrupt him. He’s very much the enemy of you or I.

    2. Argh. May you live In interesting times is not a Chinese proverb or curse. It traces to no known proberb. It also sounds way too wordy for a Chinese proverb.

      Also, just for the heck of it, when Chinese refers to risk, it meant chance for risk. It didn’t mean danger offers opportunities. Wei Ji means just that: danger + chance, a chance or possibility of danger, which means: DANGER!

  11. I went to a gun show in Lebanon, Pennsylvania today. I did not see any anti-gun protestors there, but the prices on all of the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO ammunition were higher than they were previously. All of the 30 round AR-15 magazines were priced from about $25 to $45 each.

  12. Just once I’d like to see two responses to the question “Why do you NEED an AR-15?”:

    1) Who are you to demand that I justify my need of a legal product? I don’t ask you why you need a car, a house, boat, television, computers, etc. When you start having to justify need to others, you are giving them ground.
    2) When you can explain to me the difference between an AR-15 and a Remington 750 and why one needs to be banned but not the other, perhaps you might be qualified to discuss firearms policy rationally. Until then, shut up about what you don’t know.

    If this Brit doesn’t like how this country does things, seek employment back where he came from. You don’t see me whinging on about how wonderful things are back in the Great White North. That’s because I made a choice that here is better.

  13. I can imagine Piers Morgan asking me the question, “Why do you NEED an AR-15?”

    I would reply to him like this:

    “Almost anybody would feel the need to have an AR-15 or similar type of rifle, loaded with at least a 20 or 30 round magazine, when five or six armed thugs force their way inside your house while you and your family are in bed for the night.”

    Then I would point out to Piers Morgan that home invasions with multiple perpetrators actually DO happen, often resulting in the death of innocent victims. Here’s one such story:

  14. I’d really like to show all these folks who scream for safe storage laws (“If only the shooter’s mom had them locked up!”) one of those videos where thugs with a pry bar crack open a $500 mass market gun safe in under two minutes.

    I’m pretty sure if you’re willing to kill your own mother then you have all day to crack a safe, so I’m not sure what a requirement to own a safe would do.

    The guy on “our side” also advocated for ending private sales and a registry.

    Still, the guy gets points for dealing with Piers. I wonder how people in the middle who may be persuadable react to Morgan’s program.

    1. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think that there has been any reporting, photos, video, or anything else on how and where these guns owned by the Newtown shooter’s mother were stored in the home which they shared.

      Everybody whom I have seen on TV discussing this Newtown shooting massacre seems to be going with an assumption that the murdered mother had just left her guns and ammunition all completely accessible to her son. If these guns and ammunition were in fact stored in some gun safe, or a locker, or a locked closet that her son either cracked open, or cut through, or perhaps picked even picked the lock on it, then I feel that the authorities in Connecticut have an obligation to release those pertinent details of their investigation.

      I have owned several VHS cassette tapes on locksmithing and safecracking techniques. They were all purchased from Paladin Press. That was over ten years ago for me. Some of these techniques are surprisingly easy – particularly the safecracking ones, which do not require any specialized or hard-to-get tools. These videos themselves are likely available as internet downloads by now, and we do at least know that the Newtown shooter was online quite a lot for quite a while prior to the Newtown shooting itself.

  15. Andrew Kehoe of Bath Township, Michigan. May 18, 1927, remains the deadliest mass murder (in a school) in United States history. Kehoe murdered his wife by bashing her head in with a blunt object and went on to kill 44 more (39 of them children) with simple and legal farm tools: dynamite, pyrotol, and a deer rifle. He spent more than a year planning his rampage.

    Although incendiary pyrotol is no longer available, dynamite and many other explosives are readily obtainable by someone with time.

    Evil exists.

    1. All somebody with enough evil intent would need to replicate the 1927 Bath Township massacre in 2013 would be access to the internet for informational research, about one or two hundred bucks for materials from stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, etc., a discreet location to prepare said materials, and enough time to do said preparation. No guns would ever be necessary.

      I also can recall reading about how some angry drunk guy who was ejected from an unlicensed and overcrowded night club in the Bronx of New York City back in the 1990’s. He still managed to kill dozens of people inside the nightclub simply just by walking down to gas station on the next block, buying just enough gas to make a molotov cocktail with a 40-ounce malt liquor bottle that he found on the street, ripping off a piece of his shirt for the fuse, and then throwing it through an opened upstairs window of the place. No guns were ever part of this sinister equation, either, but plenty of people died from various fire-related causes.

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