5 thoughts on “Threatening to kill people …”

  1. I first stumbled over this incident at the Southern Poverty Law Center website. Yeager had posted his “kill people” video on YouTube, then apparently thought better of it and taken it down — but not before the SPLC (or a friend of theirs) had captured it, and the SPLC had thoughtfully reposted it. (The SPLC of course are no friends of gun owners.)

    Guys like Yeager may be entertaining in normal times, but when things are getting serious we don’t need dumb-shit freelancers effectively making propaganda videos for our enemies to use to make their points. I’m not suggesting squelching anyone’s free speech, but most of us know in our gut who the dumb-shits are, and we should discourage their public bravado, or at very least, not encourage it. Over a few pints at the pub I can get as outrageous as anyone, and get off on talking shit, and listening to it being talked, but I try to have the good sense to keep it off the internet.

  2. Ironic, since the SPLC could be considered a leftwing counterpart to Yeager. But yeah, eff that guy. He doesn’t represent gun owners as a group.

  3. You mean all those journalists who have been threatening to kill NRA members will have their broadcasting licenses revoked by the FCC?

    Oh, wait. Never mind. Obviously when they do it they’re just joking.

    \\Snark-Off. Yeager may be a douche canoe that is not helping the cause but I kind of have an issue with revoking someone’s 2A rights because they exercised their 1A rights. He looked pissed off, but it wasn’t a specific credible murder threat (if it were I’d think charges would be filed). Maybe, like Piers Morgan laughing about shooting Alex Jones, he was just joking around.

    1. Let’s be fair here. Having his permit yanked is not equivalent to ‘revoking his 2nd Amendment rights’. And Yeager was doing a bit more than just ‘exercising 1st Amendment rights’, he was threatening to kill people. This is hardly some black and white case of injustice!

      Would you really have the licensing authority choose to do nothing in reaction? Admittedly Yeager is a blowhard, and his speech did not cross the line of legality. But Yeager wasn’t charged with a crime either, he only had his permit yanked. Yeager can always follow the process to restore his permit and he may very well may make that case.

      1. To those of us who think that granting a permit is a violation of 2nd Amendment rights, then yanking one is only a demonstration of that.

        I haven’t seen the video, so I’m not sure what the threat is particularly, but from what I’ve read of it, I’ inclined to think that it’s one of those “vague and unspecific” threats that aren’t considered “true threats”…much like all those threats that gun-grabbers have been making against Wayne LaPierre and the NRA in general. That is, they aren’t criminal threats.

        Having said all this, while I’m annoyed that Yeager has his permit yanked, having someone spout off like this, when things are very serious, makes me jittery and nervous too! We don’t need to have people advocating open rebellion (even if a lot of us are thinking about it right now…)

        Also, it’s my understanding that you should keep your “lines in the sand” to yourself. I seem to recall that, because of their “questionably legal” natures, it’s not a good idea to call attention to the Authorities that you are planning on doing certain actions when those lines are crossed. Having said that, I think we’re dangerously close to a line or two being crossed for a lot of people…which is precisely why it’s such a jittery season for all of us!

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