A Gunnie Hoax

I’m pretty sure this Five Year Plan that Armed Canadian dug up is a hoax.  The Brady Campaign wouldn’t be so bold as to outline their long terms plans in a memo like this, nor would they write so badly.  Of course, that’s not to say there isn’t a grain of truth to what’s going on here.

While I’m almost certain this memo was written by a pro-gun person to rally gun owners into action, it has a basis in something called Brady II, which at once time was actually introduced into Congress.

5 thoughts on “A Gunnie Hoax”

  1. I don’t think you need an “internal memo of the Brady campaign” to figure that stuff out. As you pointed out, Brady II carries most of that, and the stuff that it doesn’t has been carted around by one politico or the other.

  2. I remember it when it came out in ’93. The memo itself may have been a hoax, but it does accurately outline the HCI/Brady agenda and some of the people mentioned in it are still active with Brady/New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

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