New Polling

Most people think increasing police presence in school and better mental health services would be the most effective. The spin from our opponents is going to be that 63% of those polled thought banning semi-automatic firearms would be effective, ignoring the fact that arming teachers and principals is a point ahead at 64% if they want to look at it that way. Banning semi-automatic firearms also has the second highest negative opinion, behind only news media refusing to print or read the names of the person responsible.

(If I owe someone a h/t for this, I’m sorry, I forgot to note my source on this.)

7 Responses to “New Polling”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    I tweeted it an hour ago? You and Bitter never have to hat tip me ever if it was me anyway!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. SteveG says:

    I get 63% for a ban and 64% for arming teachers. It jumps to 64% ban 66% armed if you add in no opinion.

    What did I miss?

  3. MicroBalrog says:

    So much for “the culture is not there”. :D

    • Sebastian says:

      Yeah, I might be wrong about that. I’d like to be wrong. But I still think the issue needs to be framed the right way. The way the poll question was asked, a lot of people could be thinking armed security guard, rather than armed teacher or school administrator.

      • MicroBalrog says:

        Framing if the basic problem of all politics.

        I for one oppose using the tragedy to market solutions, but if we are absolutely pushed to ive a reply on what should be done, a polite argument for endin GFZs is the right thing.

        I think by the end of this fight we’ll see laws in 1-2 states that’d make it legal for licensed carriers to be armed in GFZs.

        • Patrick H says:

          Exactly- politics is all about framing. And if people are demanding a solution, we need to give them one that works for us. I think the culture can be there. I posted in the other thread that it needs to work like CCW- start in one or two states, get it passed, see that it doesn’t match the hysteria, move to the next state.


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