Bill Introduced to Axe Canadian Long Gun Registry

Looks like they are shooting for more than just getting rid of the registry:

In addition to the elimination of the long-gun registry for non-restricted firearms, there is a requirement for the Auditor General to perform a cost/benefit analysis of the program every five years. Other clauses would combine the Possession Only licences with the Possession and Acquisition licences, change the licence-renewal period to 10 years and change the grandfathering dates for handguns to clarify and improve what is now a confusing situation for legal owners.

Gun rights on the march in New Jersey and Canada?  What is this world coming to?

2 thoughts on “Bill Introduced to Axe Canadian Long Gun Registry”

  1. 2 Billion Dollars is a heavy burden on tax payers. Not to mention that this registry hasn’t saved any lives yet.

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