PA Gov. Tom Corbett Questioned on Assault Weapons

Asked if he has publicly changed his mind like Sen. Bob Casey on the topic of banning semi-automatic firearms, Governor Tom Corbett spoke out and made clear that his position is that mental illness is the underlying common issue in many mass attacks.

He made clear that he does not support state action on banning semi-automatic rifles, but acknowledges that the main debate will be at the federal level. He says flat out that banning guns won’t make people safer.

8 Responses to “PA Gov. Tom Corbett Questioned on Assault Weapons”

  1. Matt says:

    Be thankful you guys have such a reasonable Governor. In neighboring New York, King Cuomo II wants to ban magazines that hold over SEVEN rounds, and confiscate weapons that don’t comply:

    • asdf says:

      ….and he will send men with 30rd magazines in their guns to come and get yours….

    • Bushwacker says:

      I own guns, enjoy shooting and wonder why it is necessary to have military type assault weapons.

      • Matt says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by “military type assault weapons.” The rifles carried by soldiers and Marines are capable of fully automatic fire. The rifles lawfully owned by civilians are not.

        The distinctions between an AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles are purely cosmetic. The barrel shroud makes it possible to shoot without burning your hands; the pistol grip makes it easier to handle; the light weight and .223 round make it possible for smaller individuals to shoot without discomfort.

        An AR-15 with a 10-round magazine, which was legal in NY State prior to Monday, is a far less “deadly” or “dangerous” weapon than a shotgun loaded with .00 Buckshot.

        New Yorkers are now limited to SEVEN rounds in the magazine. That is simply not enough for self-defense.

        • DGH says:

          Matt, excellent response. I like ARs for the reasons you stated. My semi-auto shotgun with plug removed can do a lot of damage to more than one person at a time. My pump action wingmaster is no slouch either for rapid fire. Any of these guns can have devasting effects on groups of people, but only when in the wrong hands.

          Crack and heroin kill people every day. Why don’t they do something about that. Oh wait, they have, for as long as I can remember. And people are still getting it. I guess they didn’t see the signs that drugs can kill you.

  2. thefirstndsecond says:

    Sounds like Corbet knows…

    NY well they need some reasoning.

  3. DGH says:

    Corbett is a voice of reason. At least I don’t have to move to Texas yet.

    Confiscation will result in bad things happening to both sides. No LEO in their right mind would want to deal with that.

  4. United We Stand says:

    I can say I completely agree with Gov. Corbett. The issue isn’t whether or not banning (misnamed) “assault” rifles, rather enforce the laws currently in place to ensure safety to the public. I am a lifetime NRA member, and fully support all aspects of our 2nd amendment. Recently I have read about other governors/counties/sheriffs that not only oppose any gun bans, but are trying to ensure federal laws pertaining to such bans are NOT to be enforced within their state. This is something that I’m unsure Pennsylvania is interested in, however, I feel it would be widely accepted. Regardless of your views on the issue, it’s important to make your voice heard. Write, call, email and even visit your elected officials. It is our right and duty to make our voices heard.


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